(Updated 06/13/17)

Locally grown, in-season produce now at the ‘stand!

  • Apples, Empire, IPM (Tehrune Orchards)
  • Arugula, Young, IPM (Satur Farms)
  • Asparagus, IPM (Fifer Orchards)
  • Beans, Fava, IPM (Specca Farms)
  • Beets, Leafy, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Beets, Loose, Organic (Landisdale Farms)
  • Broccoli Crowns, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Carrots, Orange, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Carrots, Orange, IPM (Dagele Bros)
  • Cucumbers, Organic, Pine Ridge
  • Garlic, German White, Organic (Landisdale Farms)
  • Garlic, Scapes, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Kale, Lacinato, IPM (Buzby Farms)
  • Lettuce, Butterhead, Hydroponic (Gehman)
  • Lettuce, Mixed, Hydroponic (Gehman)
  • Lettuce, Specialty Mix, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Microgreens, Organic (Blue Moon Acres)
  • Mushrooms, Mixed (Woodland Jewel)
  • Onions, Sweet Yellow, IPM (Dagele Bros)
  • Pea Leaves, Sustainably Grown (Blue Moon Acres)
  • Pea Shoots, IPM (Gehman Farms)
  • Potatoes, Red, IPM (Dagele Bros)
  • Potatoes, Yukon Gold, Organic (Landisdale Farms)
  • Radishes, Red, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Scallions, Red & White, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Shallots, IPM (Dagele Bros.)
  • Spinach, Baby Flat Leaf, IPM (Satur Farms)
  • Strawberries, IPM (Shady Brooks)
  • Turnips, Hakurei, Organic (Taproot Farms)
  • Upland Cress, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Watercress, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)
  • Zucchini, Organic (Lancaster Farm Fresh Collective)

Current Farmstand Vendor List:

Artisan Cheeses

Fruits & Vegetables


Beef & Lamb


Cage-Free and Pastured Eggs

  • Sandy Ridge Farm (Cage-Free Eggs)
  • Roundtop Farm (Non-GMO, Pastured Chicken and Duck Eggs)
  • Cold Run Farm (Multi-colored, Non-GMO Pastured Chicken Eggs)
  • Meadow Run Farm (Non-GMO, Pastured Blue & Brown Chicken Eggs)

Fermented Foods

Dairy Products

Honey & Syrups 

  • Newkirk Honey (Raw Honey Products)
  • Emerick’s (Maple Syrup)
  • Spring Hill Farms (Maple Syrup)
  • Stockin’s Apiary (Raw Buckwheat Honey)
  • Honeybee Shoppe (Raw Wildflower Honey)

Prepared Frozen Foods 

  • Griggstown (Chicken Pot Pies & Stuffed Pastas)
  • Good Spoon (Soups)

Jams, Jellies, Sauces, & Preserves 

  • Lancaster Farm Fresh
  • Kauffman’s Orchards (Apple Butter)
  • Weaver’s Orchards (Applesauce)
  • Epic Pickles
  • Crisp & Co. Pickles

Baking Ingredients

  • Daisy Organic Flour

Crackers & Breads

  • Rip Rap Crackers
  • Philly Bread Philly Muffins (limited availability)

Sweets & Snacks

  • Weckerly’s Ice Cream (Pints & Ice Cream Sandwiches)
  • Zsa’s Ice Cream (Pints/Cups & Ice Cream Sandwiches)
  • Raaka Chocolate
  • Righteous Felon (Beef Jerky)
  • Love Chunk Cookies (Vegan Cookies)
  • Earthy Crunchy Granola (Gluten-Free Granola)


  • Reanimator Coffee Beans
  • One Village Coffee Beans
  • Chaikana Chai Concentrate