Buy Fresh Buy Local
Buy Fresh Buy Local, a national consumer marketing and education campaign, promotes the benefits of locally grown food. As the Philadelphia chapter leader, Fair Food promotes the businesses and other outlets that support local food. In addition to events and farm tours, Fair Food produces the annual Philadelphia Local Food Guide, a consumer handbook containing over 150 listings of farmers markets, farmstands, CSA opportunities, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and institutions.

Fair Food Farmstand
Located in the Reading Terminal Market, the Fair Food Farmstand carries a wide variety of products from over 90 sustainable farms and food producers in southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, including urban farms within the city of Philadelphia. We emphasize local and artisanal foods from small-scale farms and producers, like humanely and pasture-raised meats, poultry and eggs, organic and specialty fruits and vegetables, and raw milk cheeses. Launched in May 2003 to increase access to local food, the Farmstand offers the product mix of the best farmers markets with the convenience and accessibility of a grocery store. The Farmstand is open 7 days a week year-round, providing a steady wholesale market to our vendors and demonstrating the agricultural bounty of our region.

Farm to Institution
Launched in 2006, Fair Food’s Farm to Institution (FTI) Program connects institutional food service professionals who want to buy high-quality, locally-grown food to its sources: local, family-owned farms and values-based distributors.  From universities, to hospitals, to independent and public schools, the program aims to support a wide range of schools, universities, hospitals, eldercare communities, and other institutional buyers as they navigate the local food system. FTI’s farm to school initiatives include a local food pilot in the School District of Philadelphia, partnership with the Philadelphia Urban Food & Fitness Alliance, and collaboration with the NJ Farm to School Network.

Fair Food’s Consulting services foster lasting business relationships between family farmers and wholesale buyers (chefs, caterers and grocers) to bring locally grown food to the Philadelphia marketplace. Fair Food consults with buyers one-on-one to contact them with the locally-grown products that best suit their business. Fair Food also prepares farmers for the demands of the wholesale marketplace to build capacity and increases economic viability for farmers through consultation, workshops, networking events, and training materials.

Heritage Breed
Fair Food and SVF Foundation are working in partnership to identify heritage breed animal products in the marketplace. Using the Fair Food Farmstand as a platform for engaging consumers, the Heritage Breed Education Project raises consumer awareness about heritage breed animals and more clearly identifies the heritage breed products available at the Farmstand.
Fair Food proudly acknowledges that products labeled “Fair Food Heritage Breed” contain at least 50% heritage breed stock. Each of these genetically unique heirloom breeds is a link to our American agricultural past, and provides bio-diversity in our food supply.


Philadelphia Local Food Guide
A free print and online consumer directory, Fair Food’s Local Food Guide is the largest and most comprehensive consumer guide to local food in the Philadelphia area. Updated annually, the Local Food Guide lists hundreds of farmers markets, CSA farms, buying clubs & urban farmstands, as well as restaurants, caterers, retail stores and breweries – all committed to locally grown food.

Wholesale Guide to Local Farm Products
Fair Food’s Wholesale Guide to Local Farm Products is an online resource for buyers to locate farmers and food producers who distribute to the Philadelphia area, as well as distributors of locally grown food. Unlike other online tools of its kind, Fair Food’s Wholesale Guide only lists farms and producers who are “market ready” and prepared to sell wholesale.


Brewer’s Plate

Approaching its seventh year, The Brewer’s Plate is Fair Food’s marquee fundraising event. Participants include the area’s most celebrated restaurants and breweries – all independently owned and located within 150 miles of the city. The Brewer’s Plate sells out EVERY year! Over seventy businesses contributed to last year’s Brewer’s Plate with over 1,000 people in attendance. With continued support from locally owned and community-minded people this event will continue to grow every year.

Farm Tour Series
Fair Food’s Farm Tour Series offers farmer-led tours that include lunch featuring local products of that farm. We visit a variety of farms during the growing season ranging from artisan cheese producers to a cranberry bog. These tours run from June to October.

Local Grower, Local Buyer
Each spring, this event brings chefs, grocers, food service providers, and other wholesale buyers together with local farmers and food producers serving the Philadelphia marketplace. Hosted at the Reading Terminal Market, Local Grower/Local Buyer is an opportunity to chefs and farmers to create lasting business relationships.