Buy Fresh Buy Local Partnership: Fair Food and Design for Social Impact

Fair Food members have a direct connection with the sustainable local food system in the Greater Philadelphia region. For more than a decade Fair Food has been celebrating the joys of local food by supporting farmers and connecting consumers with the freshest fare in our area. As the local food movement continues to gain momentum, in Pennsylvania and beyond, it has become increasingly important to coordinate these efforts to ensure fresh, local food is available and accessible.

Partnership with Fair Food provides access to Buy Fresh Buy Local®, the most comprehensive local food program in the country with more than 70 local chapters. Fair Food is the coordinating chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local® in the Greater Philadelphia region. Launched in 2002, Buy Fresh Buy Local® is a nationally recognized brand and marketing campaign designed to create a network of vibrant local food systems. Wherever you find a Buy Fresh Buy Local® sign or label – in a store, market or restaurant – you’ve found a business with a commitment to feature local foods and support local producers.

Much like the sustainable food systems it promotes, the Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapter network depends on inclusivity and consistency to thrive. Design for Social Impact, a creative communication firm that helped form and launch Buy Fresh Buy Local® back in 2002, continues to work side by side participating chapters to promote and manage this unique brand identity. Design for Social Impact is a Fair Food Advocate Member and is deeply dedicated to helping promote the story of fresh and local foods in their region.

As a Fair Food Advocate, Design for Social Impact provides resources and guidance for Fair Food members to help them make the most of Buy Fresh Buy Local® as it relates to their business or institution. New and existing Fair Food members have access to the creative strategists and designers at Design for Social Impact who are available to provide materials, advice and other benefits relating to Buy Fresh Buy Local®. That assistance comes in many forms, some of which include:

  • Promotional Toolkit materials that are updated regularly
  • Free workshops on making the most of the different identities and promotional opportunities – such as social media, tips for dealing with the press, promotional planning, etc.
  • Coordinated communication such as e-mail updates, connection to national communication, etc.
  • On-call advice on the best way to incorporate Buy Fresh Buy Local® alongside Fair Food membership

Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapters are connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to the freshest, most delicious locally grown and produced foods available. A membership with Fair Food and subsequent collaboration with Design for Social Impact provide the tools to coordinate with this national effort.