Picnic Season is Here Again!

Now that warm weather is finally upon us, it's time to shake out the picnic blanket and up your outdoor eating game. Not sure where to start? Swing by the Farmstand and we'll help you pack the perfect basket for springtime revelry. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started:

Think finger foods.

The best picnic munchies can be held in one hand as you toss a Frisbee with the other. Whip up a batch of bacon-wrapped asparagus. Make sandwiches with Philly Muffins, Helen's Pure Foods Hummus-Tahini, and fresh Watercress—or keep it even simpler with a tub of Garlic or Roasted Red Pepper hummus-tahini, a bag or two of Rip-Rap Bakery Crackers, a jar of Epic Pickles, and a few hunks of aged cheese (harder cheeses can withstand the heat better than young, softer ones).

For something sweet, serve sliced Asian pears and apples with Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread, or open up a bag of Kauffman's Apple Schnitz. 


Don't forget drinks. 

Insulated thermoses filled with ice water are a must, but why not fancy things up a bit with a cooler of Inspired Brews or Baba's Brew kombucha?


Pack only the essentials. 

The whole point of a picnic is that it's portable, so resist the urge to weigh yourself down with bags of cutlery, fancy cups, and bulky food storage containers. All you really need is a blanket, an insulated cooler, ice packs or bagged ice, food and drinks, and napkins. If you're feeling fancy, bring some lightweight plates along, too.