Cheese It Up This Mother's Day

What better way to show your mom some love than with a local cheese plate crafted just for her? Here are some tips and recipes to get you started, plus a list of the local hunks you'll find at the Farmstand cheese counter.

Cheese Plate Basics (click here for more on cheese plate strategy):

  1. Choose a variety of cheeses with different textures and flavors.
  2. Limit your plate to 5 cheeses or fewer. (Too many cheeses can overwhelm the palate!)
  3. Keep it simple with just a few accouterments, like crackers, honey, and some fresh strawberries. 
  4. Label all of the cheeses with the name of the cheese, the farm/creamery/cheesemaker, and a few descriptive words.
  5. Let the cheeses come to room temperature before serving.

Ready to get shopping? Stop by the Fair Food Farmstand for the largest variety of locally made cheeses in the Philadelphia area, including:

Hard Cheeses

  • Cave-Matured Cheddar (Bobolink Dairy)
  • Havilah (Cherry Grove Farm)
  • Four Leaf Clover (Clover Creek)
  • St. Malachi (The Farm at Doe Run)
  • Black Pearl (Hidden Hills)
  • Old Gold (Hidden Hills)
  • Camel’s Back (Meadowset Farm)
  • Kidchego (Misty Creek)
  • Fieldstone (Yellow Springs Farm)

Soft Cheeses

  • Noble Road Brie (Calkins Creamery)
  • Buttercup Brie (Cherry Grove Farm)
  • Hummingbird (The Farm at Doe Run)
  • Chevre (Goat Rodeo)
  • Sheep Camembert (Roundtop Farm)
  • Sharp 2 Chevre (Shellbark Hollow)
  • Thistle (Valley Milkhouse)
  • Clover (Valley Milkhouse)
  • Black Diamond (Yellow Springs Farm)
  • Cloud 9 (Yellow Springs Farm)

Semisoft Cheeses

  • Smoke Signal (Calkins Creamery)
  • Vampire Slayer (Calkins Creamery)
  • Bathed in Victory (The Farm at Doe Run)
  • Buttercup (Hidden Hills)

Blues & Stinkers

  • Birchrun Blue (Birchrun Hills)
  • Red Cat (Birchrun Hills)
  • Blue Bell (Valley Milkhouse)