Industry Partner Spotlight: Weckerly's Ice Cream

Since 2012, Jen and Andy Satinsky have been producing the region’s best ice cream and ice cream sandwiches at Weckerly’s Ice Cream, their urban “micro-dairy.” The Satinskys’ approach to frozen desserts has always been high-integrity when it comes to local and ethical sourcing: After working for years as the pastry chef at The White Dog Cafe (then owned by social entrepreneur and Fair Food founder Judy Wicks), it’s natural that Jen’s recipes would highlight the flavors of seasonal fruits and herbs added to a rich custard base of grass-fed organic cream from Seven Stars Farm and Certified Humane, cage-free eggs from Sandy Ridge Farm.

Because of this strong commitment to local, fairly traded ingredients and the out-of-this-world quality of their products, Weckerly’s was named Best Ice Cream in Philly byPhiladelphia Magazine in 2014.