Industry Partner Spotlight: Subarashii Kudamono

Nestled in Berks County’s beautiful countryside, acres and acres of specialty Asian pears grow, carefully tended by Subarashii Kudamono. The company—whose name means “wonderful fruit” in Japanese—brought specialty Asian pears to southeast Pennsylvania after their founder, Lutron Electronics founder and inventor Joel Spira, acquired a taste for these rare and delicious varieties doing business in Japan in the 1970s. Along with his wife, Ruth Rodale Spira, Joel built his passion for Asian pears into a commercial enterprise that supplies fresh fruit in season and value-added products throughout the year to area grocers.

Today, Subarashii Kudamono grows more than 10 varieties of Asian pears, including traditional types like Niitaka and Olympic and their own patented unique varieties, like the pale yellow, ultra juicy AsaJu. Only a small percentage of the fruit harvested is deemed perfect enough to be sold under the Subarashii Kudamono name; the rest are turned into value-added products. Along with fresh pears in September and October, the company produces dried Asian pears, pear spread (perfect with sharp cheddar!), and pear spirits like wine and eau de vie, as well as Asian pear blossom honey.

Subarashii Kudamono products have been a staple at the Fair Food Farmstand for years, and the company supports us through Fair Food membership as well as exhibiting at our annual Brewer’s Plate and Philly Farm & Food Fest events each year. Forget pumpkin—make Asian pear the flavor of fall this year and pick up Subarashii products at the Fair Food Farmstand or your Wine & Spirits store.