Industry Partner Spotlight: Obis One Black Garlic

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite foodie or a special ingredient to make wintertime dishes over-the-top delicious? Look no further than Pennsville, New Jersey’s Obis One, Fair Food member business since 2014 and producers of one of the contemporary American kitchen’s most intriguing ingredients: black garlic.

Along with their two sons, Lisa and Patrick Lloyd grow organic garlic and other specialty produce like hot peppers, lemongrass, and microgreens at Obisquahassit, the state’s oldest working farm. But this isn’t just any produce operation: The Lloyds have developed their own unique method to process their cured garlic bulbs into black garlic, the soft, savory-sweet delicacy that was first produced in South Korea a decade ago. Use black garlic cloves to flavor soups and stews, meats, or vegetables; it makes a delicious addition to your favorite cheese ball or creamy dip recipe.

Along with black garlic bulbs — which we sell at the Fair Food Farmstand — Obis One offers packs of already-peeled cloves, grinders of Black Crack, their umami-rich dehydrated black garlic, and a variety of spice blends online. Learn more about Obis One in this 2014 Edible Philly profile; see why Saveur thinks Black Crack should be on everyone’s list this holiday; and place your order at