Industry Partner Spotlight: K is for Kitchen

K is for Kitchen is a just-sprouting enterprise that connects you with a passion for life and the sacred through the shared experiences of preparing and enjoying beautifully-sourced, delicious food. Frances Rose and Acorn collaborate to offer transformational food learning and cooking instruction, prepared food (for your week or a festive meal at home), educational dinner parties, food for workshops and events, holistic nutrition consultation, and more.

With backgrounds in social work and permaculture, Acorn and Frances Rose seek to provide services that help us all find food that is nourishing for our bodies, our communities, and the Earth. While they are particularly well-positioned to offer services to queer, trans, and magical communities, K is for Kitchen is eager to share their holistic, community-oriented approach to food with any and all. Anyone curious (or already excited!) about their food and philosophy is invited to their Faemily Table dinners (visit their website to make a reservation).

While this Industry Partnership between Fair Food and K is for Kitchen is new, Frances Rose and Acorn have been partnering with Fair Food in another way since 2015: they have been picking up no-longer-ready-for-retail produce every week to use in their Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) in West Philly, putting what would otherwise be compost to good use by preparing and serving this nutritious local food at their cook days, dinners, and workshops.

Check out the K is for Kitchen website to learn more and to sign up for their e-newsletter. Thanks to K is for Kitchen for their support of Fair Food!