Industry Partner Spotlight: Caputo Brothers Creamery

Rynn and Dave Caputo didn’t set out to run one of the most innovative creameries in the country. After they got married, quit their jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and immersed themselves in a months-long cooking tour of Italy, they thought they’d open a restaurant in the Philly area, serving authentic Italian fare.

But when they struggled to find ultra-fresh, made-that day fior di latte (what Americans would call “fresh mozzarella” made with cow’s milk), they decided to make their own using grass-fed milk from Apple Valley Creamery. Even better, Caputo Brothers Creamery figured out how to freeze that cheese curd (called cagliata) so that chefs and home cooks across the country would be able to make their own fresh pasta filata cheeses in minutes: fior di latte, burrata, stracciatella, and more.

From their facility in Spring Grove, PA, the Caputos and their growing team distribute their frozen cagliata through their online store to homes, restaurants, and shops throughout the northeast. Find tubs of their cagliata in our freezer at the Fair Food Farmstand, watch a quick demo of how to handle the curd on their website, and you’re halfway to the best caprese salad you’ve ever made. As an added bonus, the Caputos also make a 95% whey ricotta that’s flavorful, light in texture, and high-protein/low-fat to boot. Or if you’re out and about, look for Caputo cheese on the menu at Fair Food member restaurants like Alla Spina, Talula’s Garden, and Fork.