Industry Partner Spotlight: Baba's Brew

The local food movement has brought with it a renewed interest in traditional foods, like raw milk, fermented vegetables, and beverages—like kvass and kombucha—that have lots of flavor and purported health benefits. Our Fair Food members are no different: Inspired by her Siberian heritage, Downingtown’s Olga Sorzano called on her grandmother’s recipe for mushroom tea, a.k.a. kombucha—the fizzy, tangy drink made from fermented sweet tea—to make Baba’s Brew, her line of small-batch kombucha made with local, seasonal ingredients and bright, contemporary flavors that debuted in 2015.

Besides its trendy cachet, kombucha presents a delicious and healthy alternative to products like soft drinks. Olga estimates that a serving of her kombucha has nearly a tenth of the calories and a quarter of the sugar of a can of soda; a slightly sweet, not-too-tangy flavor profile in flavors like Asian Pear Ginger, Hibiscus, and Honey Chamomile means you won’t miss your usual sip. And most intriguing of all, Olga suggests that consumers use Baba’s Brew as an ingredient, too — in recipes for items like vinaigrette and cocktails. Look for Baba’s Brew in a variety of flavors at the Fair Food Farmstand!