Your year-end gift can improve our food system!

Ann Karlen at Reading Terminal
Ann Karlen at Reading Terminal

Every day, your food choices impact our local food system. Thank you for shopping for fresh ingredients at the Fair Food Farmstand and farmers' markets, and for taking the time to support restaurants that do the same.

By making a donation to Fair Food, you deepen your commitment to the local food system by helping create opportunities for small and medium farms to sell wholesale to the local markets and restaurants that you love.

Something as seemingly small as one new wholesale customer can enable a farmer to invest in a new piece of equipment, plant a new crop, or increase the size of their farm.

Even when chefs and food service directors see the value and cachet of local ingredients, they may not have the ability to source locally due to delivery logistics, a lack of knowledge of appropriate producers, a misconception about price, or space constraints, among other challenges.

This is where Fair Food's deep knowledge of the farming and restaurant communities comes into play. We work within the complex local food system to help solve dynamic problems and bring more local food to the marketplace.

Your year-end contribution allows Fair Food to reach more farmers and chefs.

Happy Holidays,

Ann Karlen Executive Director

More local farms = better food & a better environment for you