How Fair Food Helps Producers & Consumers

Bill Covaleski
Founder and Brewmaster, Victory Brewing Company

I have been a proud supporter of Fair Food since its early days in 2000. Because Fair Food champions foods with integrity for all Delaware consumers, I immediately saw the benefit of their work. It's a bit selfish, really: my wife and I want to provide the best and most nutritious food for our family today and into the future, and Fair Food is integral to this happening in our region.

Farmers and local producers are sometimes the underdogs, like craft brewers were in their early days. Fair Food increases opportunities for them to be viable businesses and also puts a spotlight on their hard work. Restaurants and brewers benefit, too--because Fair Food's connections to local farmers allow them to participate in our bountiful local food system.

Whether it's at the Fair Food Farmstand, Philly Farm and Food Fest, or The Brewer's Plate (my personal favorite--I started it with Fair Food in 2003!), Fair Food showcases the quality and integrity of the food so that the consumer can make informed decisions about what they eat.

Did you know that Fair Food doesn't charge a fee to offer this valuable advocacy and connection-building to farmers or to restaurants? This is a grassroots organization that needs support from the people who care about where their food comes from.

Please consider making a donation today so that our region can continue to produce food with integrity tomorrow.