Fresh & New: Cranberries Galore!

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager


Cranberries are a food most deeply associated with Thanksgiving. But they've been in season and on our Farmstand for more than a month now, and -- weather depending -- we can expect to see them around into January.


We source our chemical-free heirloom cranberries from Paradise Hill Farm, an operation that's been in the Thompson family for generations. Along with a smallstaff, Maryann Thompson runs one of New Jersey's only remaining independently-owned cranberry bogs, located near the northern tip of Wharton State Forest. Check out more photos of the bog and packing house from last year's Fair Food Member/Buyer Farm Tour.


With that in mind, we want to help you make the most of cranberry season with recipe ideas that will keep you cooking with these tart little gems through November and beyond.


Breakfast dishes and condiments: Roast cranberries with a little sugar, orange juice, and (if you like) a shot of booze for a sweet-tart sauce you can add to yogurt, oatmeal or porridge, or toast. Can up a batch of apple-cranberry jam for your pantry or gift giving, or add cranberries to a quick bread recipe that's perfect for breakfast or snacking. Make this vegan cranberry oatmeal bake and add ice cream or sorbet to make it dessert. Or pair your favorite cranberry jam, sauce, or relish recipe with cheeses and other seasonal flavors -- may we suggest a crostini or cracker dolloped with SIWFarm's pumpkin butterand cranberry condiment, then topped with crumbles of Valley Milkhouse Creamery's Milkweed, our new farmer's cheese?


Sides and salads: This kale salad uses dried crans in the mix and fresh cranberries for a tart, refreshing vinaigrette. Or add fresh cranberries to your roasted veggie dishes, like this one with Brussels sprouts, turnips or parsnips, and carrots. Try this trick: Roast ingredients with different cooking times in separate pans to keep more delicate items from burning.


Meat dishes: Pick up a Country Time pork shoulder to make this slow-cooked braised pork with fresh cranberries. Make this cranberry barbecue sauceand cook for several hours in your crock pot with beef osso buco, then serve on Philly Muffins. Or follow this easy recipe for turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce using Koch's white or dark ground turkey.


Desserts: Turn a favorite dessert on its head with upside-down cranberry cake. Or bake up this fruit-and-nut-packed vegan pumpkin cranberry apple pecan everything bread. Or this Nantucket cranberry pie. Make any of those a la mode with cranberry ice cream -- there's even a recipe for the cranberry-infused vodka (lime optional) that goes in it.


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