Support MilkCrate!

The digital hub for sustainability in Philadelphia helps Fair Food and other sustainable businesses and organizations fulfill their mission.

Each year, Fair Food and Grid Magazine publish theLocal Food Guide, a comprehensive list of businesses that buy, sell, and serve locally sourced food in Philly.

MilkCrate, a new app developed by and for Philadelphians, makes this information digital and accessible by anyone with a smartphone or tablet. With MilkCrate, finding and supporting sustainable food businesses is easier than ever.

And it's not just for food! Find locally made clothing, community gardens, composting services, and all kinds of businesses that are taking steps to cut carbon emissions, source from local and independent suppliers, or use renewable energy and compostable packaging.

The MilkCrate team is crowdfunding to build version 2 of their app, and their campaign ends on Oct. 23. 
How can you help MilkCrate?
  • Make a donation to their IndieGogo campaign today and claim a great sustainable perk: Free tea from the Random Tea Room, discounted groceries from Mariposa Co-op, meals from Fitly or snacks from Snack Like a LocalGood Morning, Beautiful Business by Judy Wicks, free Wash Cycle Laundry pickup, free Zipcar membership, and more.
  • Download the MilkCrate app for iOS or Android.
  • Learn their story and spread the word about this great tool for sustainability in Philly.