Fresh & New, June 26-July 2

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

We've had a bit of summertime miracle at the Farmstand: through a combination of good fortune, good weather, and (of course) our farmers' hard work and diligence, ALL the superstar fruits of early summer will be at the Farmstand this weekend!

And Sweet Cherries yes, that includes SWEET and SOUR CHERRIES! Our friends at Greensgrow Farms are bringing some in from Mood's Orchard in Mullica Hill, NJ, and they thoughtfully asked if we'd like some. (Since Fair Food doesn't have a fleet of trucks, it can be tough to get rare goodies like this when product for our usual orchard vendors is tight.) Starting Thursday afternoon, we'll have a limited quantity of both sweet and sour cherries, so get yours while you can!

Cherries are sharing the spotlight with BLUEBERRIES, the season's first RASPBERRIES from Red Head Farms, and - if you can believe it - one last week of STRAWBERRIES and RED RHUBARB! George and Ola, farmers at Taproot Farm, had one laBlueberryst bumper crop of their beautiful, chemical-free strawberry pints, and we bought them out. And I can never get enough rhubarb - along with garlic scapes, it's one of the foods I wish I could have all year round - so we're giving it one more shot.

Find tons of recipes to make with mixed berries here, or straddle the seasons with this delicious cherry-rhubarb crisp, or practice your patriotism before Independence Day with this flag-themed cherry-blueberry pie. Or keep the oven off and eat them topped with a dollop of sublime whipped ORGANIC CREAM from Seven Stars Farm.

In the vPeaseggie section, Taproot's SUGAR SNAP PEAS are still going strong, and we just got in another batch of ENGLISH PEAS from Sunny Harvest Co cooperative! It'll take a little more effort to prep Formisano Farms' FAVA BEANS, but they're so worth it: here's a quick tutorial. Once they're ready, pair them with pasta: add them to cacio e pepe or toss them with some saucy fideos. Or skip the shelling and peeling and throw those pods on the grill to get tender.

Speaking of grilling, we're all stocked up on your favorite pastured meats for the upcoming holiday! Bill Elkins of Buck Run Farm brought us a big order of his delicious 100% grass-fed ANGUSBURGER and BULLY BURGER. Country Time and Stryker Farms have loaded us up with BABY BACK RIBS, SAUSAGES, PORK CHOPS, and SHOULDER from their heritage breed pastured pigs. Griggstown's DUCK BREAST, POUSSIN, and SAUSAGES are perfect for the grill. And if you've never done it before, now's a great time to try making a beer can chicken with Griggstown or Meadow Run Farm's WHOLE CHICKENS - using local beer of course!
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