Fresh and New: June 19 - 26

Alex Jones, Product Manager   

It's almost officially summer, and the Farmstand really reflects the variety of produce we're seeing as the cool season transitions into hot weather. While we're stocked with all your local meat, dairy, and pantry needs, produce is really poppin' this time of year. Here's what's fresh this week and what we're looking forward to as the new season begins.

FRUIT: Delaware berries are done for the season, but we're still stocking ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES in pints from Taproot Farm while they last. Don't despair - IPM  BLUEBERRIES from Blueberry Bill are slated to arrive on Friday! And we're also  hoping to get in a late-season variety of CHEMICAL FREE BLUEBERRIES from Paradise Hill Farm's Pine Barrens location - we'll keep you updated as the season progresses. If you're tired of pies, cakes, scones, cobblers, crisps, and roly polys (as if), try making blueberry buckle, a free-form sort of cake-cobbler-crumble. How could that not be delicious? 

Yet more fruit from New Jersey: David Siller is bringing us a mix of WILD FORAGED MULBERRIES in dark and white. These drupelet-studded fruits are super-sweet and juicy, but their season is short - don't miss out! If you keep your eyes open (and notice some squishiness on the sidewalk), you can also find mulberries growing in many streets and yards around Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it's not all good news in the fruit world: We're hearing that this season's CHERRY crop - both SWEET and SOUR - has been really poor, between deep-freezes this winter and hailstorms this spring. There's a chance our orchards will have enough to supply us, but so far it's not looking good. (That doesn't mean you can't get cherries anywhere - Three Springs Fruit Farm and Beechwood Orchards are hoping to have enough to supply their farmers' markets, so you can catch them there. Watch this space for cherry season updates! 

VEGGIES: Oasis at Bird-in-Hand brings us CHEMICAL-FREE GREEN BEANS, and IPM PICKLING CUCUMBERS from Buzby Farm are in season too! These petite, curved cucumbers - called knobs by growers when they're at this size - are awesome for pickling, and they're a great deal at $.99/lb. Paradise Organics has brought us FENNEL for slaws, salads, sautees, and grilling. Our friends at Zone 7 are bringing Brenmar Farms' CHEMICAL FREE PATTYPAN SQUASH in a variety of sizes along with Formisano Farms' crinkly, curly-leafed SAVOY CABBAGE - amazing in this super-simple, spicy slaw

NEW RED and YUKON POTATOES are in from Country Hill Produce via Common Market - and we're stocked with DILL and GARLIC SCAPES to help you make a killer potato salad. If you're mayo-phobic like me, you'll be glad to know that we're getting Natural By Nature's SOUR CREAM back in stock. Try it on this steakhouse-inspired potato salad (there's BACON on it!). For something special, grab a 6-pack of squash blossoms from David Siller - they're delicious stuffed and fried, but there are lots of different ways to enjoy these beauties. 


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