Fresh & New: June 12-18

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

There's a lot going on in our farmers' fields and greenhouses and our Farmstand is bursting with the colorful bounty of the season! Paradise Organics' CUCUMBERS and ZUCCHINI have arrived, as has striking, burgundy-colored REDBOR KALE from Landisdale Farm. We're hoping to get our first delivery of field-grown SWEET BASIL on Friday, and Marolda Farm's CHIOGGIA BEETS, with their pretty candy cane-style stripes, make their first appearance this sea  son. We're getting beautiful Treviso-style RADICCHIO from Blooming Glen Farm, too. It's delicious grilled and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Our friends at Blue Moon Acres up in Pennington, NJ don't just grow immaculate salads and adorable microgreens: They also grow field crops for their farm store and CSA program, and when they've got extras, my contact Rebecca gives me a heads-up. Their veggies are always as beautiful as their salads, and we're excited to be bringing in RUBY RED SWISS CHARD,

immaculate GREEN KALE, the season's first BROCCOLI, and even ROMANESCO CAULIFLOWER, that awesome lime-green fractal brassica we usually only see in the fall. One of the benefits of a long, cool spring season is a greater abundance of cool-weather crops. This curry made with roasted romanesco looks amazing.

Looking ahead to next week, I have predictions that we'll be seeing the year's first NJ-grown BLUEBERRIES and maybe even those delicate SHELLED ENGLISH PEAS we all love from southern Delaware. I'm also getting some unfortunate news about SWEET and SOUR CHERRIES - it's looking like our usual orchards haven't had a great year for them, and might not have enough to provide to retailers like us. But we're working on finding additional sources if we can. And our forager friend David Siller should be bringing us sweet, tasty MULBERRIES any time now.

We now have CERTIFIED ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES from Taproot Farm, the first organic and PA-grown batch we could get our hands on, in addition to IPM berries from Delaware. But the strawberry season won't last forever, so make sure you stock up on enough to freeze or can and use throughout the year. ASPARAGUS will also be out of season soon, so make sure you get it while you can - you wouldn't want to miss out on this amazing asparagus and snap pea risotto, would you?

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