Fresh & New! May 29 - June 4

Alex Jones, Product Manager   


Happy unofficial start of summer, everyone! The weather might be heating up, but produce-wise, it's definitely still spring in our region. Now's the time to revel in crisp, light, veggies and delicate STRAWBERRIES before the avalanche of summer crops to come.

I've pretty much lived off of tacos and salads these past few weeks as springtime veggies are perfectly suited to these dishes. First, I make sure I have a flavorful pot of BLACK BEANS (try the ones we sell from Cayuga Pure Organics) or a slow-cooked hunk of meat (like a Country Time Farm PORK SHOULDER or some Meadow Run CHICKEN LEGS) for protein and pop some into a blue corn tortilla. Then I add whatever veggies I have around - braised KALE, EASTER EGG RADISHES or HAKUREI TURNIPS, sliced SCALLIONS. Top with sour cream, yogurt, or fresh cheese and just a dash of Homesweet Homegrown's new PUNCH DRUNK HOT SAUCE, made with local ghost peppers and Victory Brewing Co.'s Storm King stout. With a green salad on the side, it's an easy and super-tasty way to pack lots of healthy local veggies into lunch or dinner (or, if you swap out the meat for eggs, breakfast).

The warm weather also has me thinking ahead to al fresco eating and another classic salad: the caprese, that artfully layered combination of juicy tomato slices, basil leaves, and tender, fresh mozzarella drizzled in olive oil. We're still a month or two off from field tomatoes, but you can enjoy this salad in the springtime with big, golden NJ-grown PEACH TOMATOES from the greenhouse at Sun Haven Farm or a springtime variation with RED and GOLD BEETS from Marolda Farm.

But if you're not a South Philly resident, where do you find truly fresh mozzarella? Rynn and Dave Caputo of Caputo Brothers Creamery have figured out how to pack real, authentic mozzarella curd and freeze it so that you can make the freshest mozz you've ever tasted right at home. Grab a tub of frozen CAGLIATA CURD from in our freezer. Let it thaw overnight in the fridge and watch this quick, easy demonstration video to get the technique - then, follow Rynn's instructions for fantastic fresh mozz. And for dessert, the Caputos' 95% WHEY RICOTTA - made the authentic Italian way, no pun intended - is sublime served with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey.