Strawberries at the Farmstand!

Alex Jones, Product Manager  


Local STRAWBERRIES are in the house! We get our first deliveries of berries from Fifer Orc  hards in Camden-Wyoming, DE (that’s at the southern end of the state) this week. Be sure to pick up a quart or three for your Memorial Day festivities! I probably don’t have to tell you what to do with them - I’ve already made this basic, beautiful strawberry cake this season - but in case you want some new ideas, check out this list of 15 inventive berry recipes from one of my favorite food mags, Saveur. The strawberry focaccia bread, these strawberry goat cheese Pop-Tart knockoffs, and these creamy ice pops are definitely on my to-make list.


Today we’re expecting a fresh delivery of David Siller’s wild-foraged BLACK LOCUST FLOWERS. With their honeysuckle-like aroma and mild sweetness, they’re the perfect way to add a fresh, floral note to dishes like salads and desserts. If you want to do something a little more complex with them, try these light, crisp fritters  that feature the blossoms in the batter.

The veggie selection is really exploding now that warm weather’s here. We’re well-stocked on your favorites like LACINATO KALE (AKA Tuscan, dinosaur, or black kale), RED RUSSIAN KALE, YELLOW SWISS CHARD, and BRAISING GREENS, all from certified organic or chemical-free sources. Plus, some less common veggies are in, like GALATINA CHICORY, AKA asparagus chicory, which features salad-ready leaves and tender, thicker stalks that should be prepared and eaten a la asparagus. (Read all about it here.)

Actual ASPARAGUS is still going strong, and we’ve also added CERTIFIED ORGANIC BUNCHED RED BEETS, CHEMICAL-FREE FRESH SHALLOTS, and CERITFIED ORGANIC HALKUREI TURNIPS, all with their tender tops on.

If you plan to grill this weekend, don’t forget to check out our meat freezer for perfect pastured meats. In addition to ground ANGUSBURGER from Buck Run Farm, thick-cut STEAKS (Kansas City, New York Strip, and Delmonico) from Philly Cowshare, and sublime CHICKEN SAUSAGES in a ton of delicious flavors from Griggstown Farm, we’ve also got a new favorite: SMOKED BRATWURST made from heritage breed Mangalitsa hogs at Mosefund Farm. So tender and juicy! And don’t forget to grab a pint of Weckerly’s SORBET or Little Baby’s ICE CREAM for dessert.

If you’re staying in town this weekend, be sure to stop by the Farmstand for the Fermentation On Wheels demo on Friday and the Philly Bread and Simply Ghee duo-tasting on Saturday (see the sidebar for details). And keep in mind that we, along with the rest of Reading Terminal Market, will be closed on Monday, May 26 in observance of Memorial Day. We hope you keep yours fun, safe, delicious, and local!

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