Spring is in the Air! - Fresh & New: March 13-19

Alex Jones, Product Manager 


This week, we're excited to welcome a new local foods distributor to the Fair Food Farmstand. Oasis at Bird-in-Hand is a small cooperative of growers in Lancaster County who grow and raise chemical-free produce, pastured and hormone-free meats and dairy, raw milk cheeses, and value-added products. Oasis growers pledge to use organic practices (many are in the process of becoming certified organic) and Oasis products are also GMO-free.

I reached out to Oasis this winter in search of fresh greens. This long, cold winter has been so tough for season-extended crops that we haven't stocked fully-grown cooking greens in months, and even salad crops like spinach and arugula haven't been easy to come by. Well, the Oasis farmers' thumbs must be extra-green, because we got our first delivery of GREEN KALE and LACINATO KALE since autumn this week, along with some beautiful CILANTRO, LETTUCE MIX, and BABY SPINACH.

We are hoping to keep the Farmstand green as we transition from winter to spring with the help of Oasis, but quantities are limited, so get these greens while you can! Also look for their goodies in our pantry section - we're offering their CHEMICAL-FREE PICKLED BEETS, TOMATO PASTE, and ALFALFA HONEY, too.

Elsewhere at the Farmstand, signs of spring are popping up everywhere, especially in the cheese case. As we move through kidding season (when baby goats are born and milk is plentiful) expect to see more fresh goat cheeses, like Shellbark Hollow Farm's plain and ash-coated crottins, AURORA'S CLOUD and BLOOMING ASH, and Yellow Springs Farm's GOAT-ZA-RELLA, their take on a fresh mozzarella made with goat's milk.

Another sign of spring: egg production is up! Pecan Meadows Farm's GOOSE EGGS are back. These oversized eggs contain about the same volume as 3-4 large chicken eggs, and you can use them in any recipe in which eggs really shine - omelets, frittatas, quiches, soufflés, sponge cakes. And our friends Marcus and Sharon Horst at Meadow Run Farm have finally gotten through a tough winter, and it looks like their brown eggs are back in good supply. We'll keep you posted on the availability of their beautiful BLUE ARAUCANA EGGS as we get closer to Easter.



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