Grow Your Own! - At the Farmstand: March 6-12

Alex Jones, Product Manager 


Here at Fair Food, we're getting excited for spring - it has to come sometime, right? Reading Terminal is abuzz with Flower Show visitors, and we've gotten in some exciting horticultural - and fungicultural - products to celebrate. And don't forget to check out this week's featured recipe - a salad that's practically a rainbow in a bowl, and all made from local, winter produce you can buy at the Farmstand!


Last weekend, Farmer Tim from Happy Cat Organics dropped off a big batch of 2014 SEEDS - grown organically and saved each year for the next season on his farm in Chester County. Try gold-stippled SPECKLED ROMAN TOMATOES, little MEXICAN SOUR GHERKINS (AKA mouse melons), LEMON DROP PEPPERS, and tender SCARLET NANTES CARROTS, plus tons more. Don't delay - even though there's snow on the ground, the time to start seeds is now!


If you're not interested in growing species from the plant kingdom this year, may we suggest a PHILLY OYSTER MUSHROOM KIT from Mycopolitan Mushroom Company? Mushroom man Tyler Case builds these kits using straw and coffee grounds as a medium, then inoculates them with mycelium from an oyster mushroom strain he foraged right here in the city. These kits are apartment-friendly and work well indoors - they're compact, clean, and come with detailed instructions to make growing your own mushrooms even easier. With proper care, you can expect 3-4 flushes yielding up to 2 pounds of beautiful, fresh oyster mushrooms in spring and fall.


Finally, some cheesy news to tide us over till warmer weather: Please welcome King's Kreamery and Meadowset Farm to our cheese case!


King's Kreamery is Amish dairyman Eli King, now working with former Doe Run Farm cheesemaker Kristian Holbrook. Try one of their soft-ripened selections - HOW NOW COW, a sublime Camembert-style round, or RING OF FIRE, a creamy, earthy goat's milk torus that gets it name from flashes of rust-colored B. linens showing through the rind - as the centerpiece of your next cheese plate.


Meadowset Farm, located in southern Chester County, is owned by two large-animal veterinarians and specializes in small-batch, artisanal raw milk cheeses from heritage breed French Lacaune and East Friesian dairy ewes. Some tasting notes, straight from farmer Tom Schaer:


"THE LAST STRAW is an Alpine-style cheese aged for 6-24 months with natural rind development and a firm, lightly eyed paste, which has a bit of the oil associated with sheep's milk hard cheeses. In flavor it is on the piquant side, with a full nuttiness and musky, lipase notes.


"THE CAMEL'S BACK is a toma-style washed-curd cheese aged for 3-6 months with mold-splotched natural rind development, enclosing a smooth, creamy ivory paste that hints at a touch of lanolin oiliness as it warms. The flavor is mild but full-bodied, briny and nutty with herbaceous notes and a tangy, earthy finish that lingers." But don't take Tom's word for it - stop by the Farmstand and ask for a taste of these awesome new cheeses and get excited for spring!"



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