Recipe: Disco Salad

By Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager CAM03064

Serves 6 as a meal or 12 as a side

I made this bright, colorful salad to go along with pizza and beer at a recent band meeting. My bandmates were wowed by the rainbow mix of crisp veggies and even more impressed when I told them the ingredients were all locally grown – even in the dead of winter. It served as a welcome preview of spring while we talked stage lighting and set lists.

2 heads Gehman Family hydroponic lettuce (or other winter salad greens), washed, torn, and spun dry 1 bag Young Sprouts sunflower shoots 1 medium-sized watermelon radish 1 medium-sized green radish 3 medium Kyoto Red carrots 2 medium deep purple carrots 1 pack Overbrook Herb Farm edible flowers (for garnish) Your favorite vinaigrette (I used a kumquat syrup/Dijon mustard concoction)

Place the washed, torn, and dried lettuce and sunflower shoots in your biggest, widest salad bowl (or best salad-transporting plastic storage container if this is a potluck dish). Toss with your hands to combine, then arrange so the surface of the greens is level. Set aside.

Give your root vegetables a quick wash and peel. Slice your roots into different shapes to add texture and make your salad pretty. (I quartered lengthwise and thinly sliced my radishes, cut the purple carrots into sticks, and ran the red carrots through a waffle-cutting mandolin attachment. You can also do rounds, bias-cut segments of planks, a confetti-style dice – whatever cuts you prefer.)

To assemble: Evenly sprinkle the surface of your salad bowl with each cut-up root veggie, starting with the largest cut and ending with the item that’s cut smallest. Finish by arranging edible flowers on top. Store upright in the refrigerator until serving with your favorite vinaigrette (and additions like feta, pepitas, or sliced of pickled beets) alongside.