Organic Apples - Fresh & New: February 20-26

Alex Jones, Product Manager 


Exciting news, everyone! This week, PA-grown, certified organic apples are coming to Philadelphia for what might be the first time in decades thanks to Oyler's Organic Farms.

As you may have noticed, the local apples at your coop or farmers' market are likely labeled I.P.M., or Integrated Pest Management. This means that the farmers use creative techniques to protect their crops from pests and disease, rarely - if ever - using pesticides. Most apple farmers in our region grow using this method because the weather here makes it very, very difficult to grow tree fruits on a commercial scale without some non-organic input.

Despite being faced with the same challenges, the Oyler family decided six years ago that organic apples are worth the investment, no matter how large. They committed the time, energy, and ingenuity necessary to grow apples that meets the strict standards for organic certification.

At the Farmstand, we're adding the Oyler's juicy GOLDEN SUPREME, toothsome IDA RED, and tart, crisp YORK APPLES to our fruit selection, along with their certified organic applesauce and apple cider, which is the best we've ever tasted! It's pressed fresh-to-order every Tuesday and made with a special blend of apples for the brightest, boldest, most sweet-tart flavor possible. Look for more varieties to come soon, and don’t hesitate to ask for a cider sample the next time you’re at the Farmstand.

The flavor in Oyler's apples is out of this world, but keep in mind that they might look a little different than you're used to. Because the Oylers don't spray, it's possible for some plant issues to leave their mark on the surface of the fruit. This blemishing - a few dark polka-dots or a stippled patch on the skin - are purely cosmetic. The fruit (and skin) are still in great condition to eat. As the saying goes, "that's how you know it's organic."

We aren't the only ones carrying the Oylers' awesome products. Look for them at MariposaCreekside, and Swarthmore, too. Watch this space for info on an upcoming tasting of Oyler's products at the Farmstand, and be sure to come by and try them out this week!

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