Fresh & New: January 30-February 5

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager


As reported last week, the cold has hampered our intrepid farmers' best efforts to harvest salad and cooking greens. But even when leafy crops fall through, there's lots of tasty, interesting, and unique local produce to find at the Farmstand - more than just potatoes (though we've got those too!).


Read on for some of our favorite ways to prepare these hardy, tasty vegetables, then stock up at the Farmstand (and see how best to store them at home). It's time for a Root Vegetable Recipe Roundup!


ALLIUMS: Revisit these flavor-boosting veggies as the star of a dish, not a supporting role: Try this tartwith YELLOW ONIONS, this 44-clove GARLIC soup,melt some LEEKS with white wine, or caramelizesome whole JUMBO SHALLOTS.


BEETS: We're keeping HEIRLOOM LUTZ, GOLD, and CHIOGGIA varieties in stock. Lutz beets are big, red, and - despite their large size - stay tender, never woody. Great for making Russian borscht, roasting and adding to grain salads, grating, or pureeing. Use "bleedless" gold beets to add color and Chioggia when preparing nice round slices in this beet carpaccio - the better to show off their pink and white striped flesh.


BURDOCK: A winter-only rarity at the Farmstand, it's high in vitamin C and is said to have detoxing and immune-boosting properties. Peel, slice thinly, and sautee with olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar, or stir-fry it with carrots to make kimpira.


CARROTS: Choose your favorite blend of KYOTO RED, DEEP PURPLE, YELLOW, and traditional ORANGE CARROTS for this rainbow ribbon salad, or sauté up slices ofcarrot in honey ginger butter for a beautiful side.


CELERIAC: AKA celery root, this knobbly knot is full of refreshing, subtle flavor, kind of like a celery stalk and a parsnip had a baby. Add to potato dishes, bake into a gratin, or any of the other 10(!) things to do with celeriac.


KOHLRABI: This cabbage-turnip missing link is covered in a sturdy green skin, but its flesh is crisp, sweet, and juicy. Peel and grate into slaw or give it a braise in butter.


PARSNIPS: Starchier and sweeter than carrots. Turn them into fries roasted with rosemary or save them for dessert and make parsnip cupcakes (Martha Stewart approved!).


POTATOES: We're stocking waxy REDS, flavorful YUKONS, a lovely MIXED FINGERLING BLEND, and the occasional PURPLE VIKING or ADIRONDACK BLUE as they're available. New this week? Cute little GERMAN BUTTERBALL POTATOES, golden-hued and ready to shine in any dish (preferably with some heavy cream).


RADISH: Grab juicy, pink WATERMELON RADISHES or crisp, zesty GREEN RADISHES and use them as you would smaller radishes - just be sure to peel them first and slice thinly. Try thismarinated salad with slices of red onion.


RUTABAGA: This purple-skinned root is a sweet, tender hybrid of potato and turnip. Get rich and smoky with this cheesy, smoked paprika-rutabaga puree or stay raw with this juliennedrutabaga/carrot/apple salad.


SWEET POTATOES: Smooth, sweet, and versatile, they'll go in just about anything. I'm really into sweet potato puddingfor breakfast or dessert, or this chickpea-sweet potato salad for lunch.


TURNIPS: We've got PURPLE-TOP and SCARLET TURNIPS on hand while they last. I like to maketurnip puff at least once each winter. Use red-skinned scarlets for this simple salad.


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