Eating Clean(se)

With the first month of the new year almost through, it's becoming increasingly clear which resolutions may have been more "intention" than "strategy," as certain rather lofty goals recede slowly into the blur of a once again busy schedule.

One that likely falls into that category is the ever-popular New Year detox. The typical depravation diet, be it a maple-and-lemon master, juice fast, or kale binge, is not only potentially harmful to one's health, it's also completely unsustainable. A cleanse may start the new year off with a big bang, but it can just as easily prepare it for an even bigger crash.

We like a more sustainable approach to eating that doesn't involve an expensive juicer or reducing blood sugar to negligible levels and instead focuses on incorporating nutrient-dense whole foods during each meal of the day. A perfect example of just such a regime is Bon Appetité's stunningly photographed Food Lover's Cleanse.

Based on whole foods; emphasizing fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean proteins; creating healthy portion sizes; and featuring all things in moderation (they even have a menu of low-alcohol cocktails to enjoy!), the Food Lover's Cleanse provides delicious recipes and helpful strategies that turn "dieting" from a painful endeavor into a pleasurable lifestyle. Who's counting down days or dreaming of cold pizza when savoring a meal of Roast Pork Tenderloin and Apples with Mushroom Sauté?

The best part is, a whole foods "cleanse" allows you to eat with the season, so it never gets boring. There's always a new vegetable to roast, fruit to purée, or humanely-raised cutlet to sear. Perhaps with a month of failed fad behind us we may find it wise to adjust our dietary goals for the new year from a focus on what we can't have to a celebration of what we can!