Fresh & New: January 9-15

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager


Happy January! If you've never tried to eat local through the winter before, Fair Food is here to help. Winter produce in our region lends itself well to simple, delicious, warming fare, and it's a great time to explore local animal products, like our sustainable, humanely raised meats and artisan raw milk cheeses, which are always in season. Read on for Farmstand highlights, delicious recipes, this week's sales, and new products!


ROOTS: This week, we've got an uncommon addition to our stash of POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES, andother tubers: ORGANIC SALSIFY from Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative. A long, earthy tuber with brown skin and pale flesh, salsify should be peeled and parboiled. Try serving it with butter or cream sauce - or puree with HORSERADISH for a dreamy side dish. More delicious local roots this week: SCARLET TURNIPS; JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES (SUNCHOKES); PARSNIPS; PURPLE and ORANGE CARROTS; along with GOLD, CHIOGGIA, and RED BEETS.


FRUITS: New this week are a few classics: GRANNY SMITH and RED DELICIOUS APPLES from Beechwood Orchard. Try Grannys in this Russian-inspired apple sharlotka recipe. It's also last chance for QUINCE - next year's harvest should be slim, so make your quince jelly now! And Paradise Hill Farm will keep bringing us fresh RED NO-SPRAY HEIRLOOM CRANBERRIES this winter as long as they can keep getting into the bog!


GREENS: The Gehman Family is keeping us stocked with tender BUTTERHEAD LETTUCE and MIXED LETTUCE HEADS from their greenhouse (plus a stash of GREEN CABBAGE).Landisdale Farm should have RAINBOW SWISS CHARD and GREEN KALE from their high tunnels, and we're hoping for another round of LACINATO KALE from Taproot Farm on Saturday.


NEW PRODUCTS: Please welcome Pb&Jams NUT BUTTERS made with organic nuts and local honey by entrepreneur Megan Gibson at The Center for Culinary Enterprise in West Philly. Try them in Classic Peanut (smooth or crunchy), Simply Almond, or The Cashew. Delicious with apples or spread on one of Philly Bread's PHILLY MUFFINS. Speaking of which - baker Pete brought us his new FOCACCIA this week! Try a wedge of this chewy, onion-studded flatbread and grab a pint of Good Spoon Soup for a delicious lunch. For dinner, check our meat freezer for Philly Cowshare's 1" thick BONE-IN RIBEYE STEAKS from 100% grass-fed cows and nitrate-free, honey-cured JOWL BACON from pastured pork!



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