Staff Favorites: Thanksgiving Recipes

by Anne Steelman, Farmstand Operations Manager It's that time of year again... time to start planning your Thanksgiving feast! All of the staff at the Fair Food Farmstand have a passion for cooking and love using our fresh, local products to make their meals. We've come together to share some of our favorite recipes that make our meals special. We hope they inspire you in your meal planning!

If you try any of the recipes below, stop by the Farmstand to let us know! We always love hearing feedback on our products and would love to talk about food with you.

The first thing that comes to mind when you start planning your Thanksgiving meal is, of course, the turkey! Alex Jones, Farmstand Products Manager, has shared her favorite recipe for heritage breed turkey. She's used the recipe a couple times and loves that she can get almost everything needed right at the Farmstand.

Moving right along from the turkey, my mind goes to stuffing! Or should I say dressing? Whatever you call it at your house, it's a beloved staple! This stuffing recipe was shared by Fair Food's Deputy Director, Vikram Krishnamurthy - he's used it for the last couple years and puts his own local twist on it by substituting roasted Paradise Hill cranberries for the raisins.Thanksgiving's many side dishes are fun because they allow for a mix of creative and traditional options. Ann Karlen, Director of Fair Food, has been making soy glazed sweet potatoes for the last couple years and they have been a hit among young and old!

Moving on to the veggies! One big Fair Food favorite are Brussels sprouts! Many people have an unfortunate misconception about this delightful little vegetable but I guarantee this recipe for Dijon Glazed Brussels Sprouts will have even the most avowed Brussels foe drooling over them! Alex shared this recipe because she's a huge fan of sprouts but also because they are in season for Thanksgiving and definitely would shine as part of your Thanksgiving meal. Farmstand Staffer, Emily Kohlhas shared an amazing recipe for Leek and Chestnut Stuffed Apples that uses some of our favorite ingredients and definitely isn't your usual Thanksgiving side dish! She did a beautiful write up of it on her blog, All Trees Have Roots that includes a vegan and non-vegan version.

And of course, we need to talk about cranberries! Many of us grew up with a can of cranberry sauce on our holiday table - Alex shared Food in Jars' recipe for Home Canned Cranberry Sauce Made in a Tin Can Mold. It keeps that sentimental factor but is healthier. Another take on cranberries is a light and tasty Cranberry Sauce I make with whole cranberries and notes of citrus.And cranberries don't have to live only on the dinner table-they can be a great addition to the dessert table as well! Alex has made this Cranberry Upside Down Cake a few times and says it always goes over well with everyone!

Or maybe, after making the turkey, stuffing and side dishes you'd really like it if someone else were in charge of dessert. We've got you covered! Order all of your desserts from us this year! The Farmstand has teamed up with Wild Flour bakery to offer some delicious treats. You can preorder pumpkin pie, pecan pie, vegan sweet potato pie, drunken apple pie or pumpkin éclairs with us at the Farmstand or online here.