Fresh & New: November 14-20

by Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

There's so much crisp 'n' cool fall produce to talk about this week. But I'd like to focus on animal products for a second - specifically, our amazing selection of humanely and sustainably raised meats! Because we're putting them ON SALE starting RIGHT NOW until Thursday, Nov. 21! Why? Because every Turkey Day, we end up with a few extra turkeys, and we need to make sure we have room to freeze those birds until we can sell them. That means moving some of our other frozen meat inventory into your freezers and onto your plates.

We're offering 10% off* our extensive supply of pastured, humanely raised frozen meats and seafood while supplies last! That means heritage breed grass-fed beef and veal in steaks, roasts, ground, and sausages; juicy pastured pork products; tender, flavorful lamb and goat meat in a variety of cuts; poultry from turkey bacon to chicken feet - even rabbit from Brooke-Lee Farm and Shore Catch's sustainably fished tuna, swordfish, and scallops from the Viking Village dock.

Starting TODAY and going through next Thursday, stock up on meats for the winter. They're great to have on hand for quick, filling, and healthy winter meals: Buck Run ground beef for burgers or chili, Philly Cowshare chipsteak for at-home gourmet cheesesteaks, Griggstown chicken sausages alongside root veggies and greens, lamb or goat cubes for stew or kabobs, or Meadow Run whole chickens a bunch of different ways.

You'll need some fresh fall produce to keep that meat company! This week marks the return of some of my favorite fall veggies: BRUSSELS SPROUTS on the stalk and COLORFUL CAULIFLOWER! Sprouts on the stalk will amaze your kids (and everyone on SEPTA who sees what looks like a big green medieval weapon sticking out of your tote bag). Our cauliflower in WHITE, ORANGE, and PURPLE will turn your dinner plate into a rainbow of deliciousness. And look for earthy green RADICCHIO TREVISO and RED RADICCHIO this week from Overbrook Herb Farm. Plus, we've been getting lots of requests for KABOCHA SQUASH - both RED and GREEN - and we finally scored some organic beauties. Grab a SUNSHINE KABOCHA in a vivid orange from Landisdale Farm or GREEN KABOCHA from Muth Family Farm - but the green is super  limited, so get them soon!

Fruitwise, we still have tons of beautiful NO-SPRAY HEIRLOOM CRANBERRIES from New Jersey's only remaining independent cranberry bog. And two new apple varieties this week: Crunchy, sweet-tart PINK LADY from Beechwood Orchards and deeply colored, slightly tart ARKANSAS BLACK from Fifer Orchards in southern Delaware. Give them a try - the Lady apples are best eaten fresh and in salads and slaws; the Arkansas work well cooked, fresh, or juiced.

Last but certainly not least: Dessert! Come by the Farmstand on Saturday from 10am-2pm to get a taste of Wild Flour Bakery's locally sourced pies and place your Thanksgiving pre-order right at the Farmstand. And Weckerly's Ice Cream will make the journey from their West Philly headquarters to sample their sublime fall sorbets from 11am-1pm- dairy free and delicious flavors like Apple Cider and Pear Vanilla.

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*Fine print: This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Sale ends at 6pm on Thursday, November 21. Applies to frozen meat products only. Frozen value added products (like pot pies, soups, or seitan), jerky, beef sticks, charcuterie, or fresh meats sold out of our refrigerator do not qualify for the discount. Thanks for your attention to this distinction!