Fresh & New: Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

It's officially fall, y'all and with it, we have a great opportunity for reflection. Ask yourself: Did I eat enough peaches this year? Did I get a chance to experiment with eggplant as a breakfast food? Did I make a super-easy custom-blended hot sauce that I can enjoy all winter long? Did I experience sufficient South Philly fig nirvana?

If the answer to any of the questions in this changing-of-the-seasons personal inventory is no, there's still time to pick up late-summer crops! Enjoy PEACHES, BELL PEPPERS, EGGPLANTS, SWEET CORN, PARADISO FIGS, and SUMMER SQUASH without the mosquitoes and humidity. Or, if you've sated yourself with the gastronomical riches of summer 2013, dive into autumn with lots of WINTER SQUASH, MUSTARD GREENS, GROUND CHERRIES, and PEARS and APPLES  galore.

NEW THIS WEEK: The brassicas are back! IPM BROCCOLI and CHEDDAR CAULIFLOWER are here from Trauger's Farm, and our friends at  Lancaster Farm Fresh are supplying us with crunchy, sweet ORGANIC RED and GREEN CABBAGE. Also new: ORGANIC PADRON and SERRANO peppers from Tuscarora Organic Growers' Co-op - blend them with GHOST PEPPERS and TRINIDAD SCORPIONS (both dangerously hot) for an amazing hot sauce recipe. And Beechwood Orchard brings us SECKEL PEARS - baby-sized, super sweet pears that are delicious jammed with brown sugar and cardamom, in baked goods, or eaten out of hand. And Terhune Orchard's GREEN SEEDLESS TABLE GRAPES are the seed-free local grape you've been looking for.

More new goodies week: Cheeses from Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy and Alpine Heritage Creamery! DUTCH GOLD is a whiffy washed rind with a silky, rich paste - a bit like a funkier Taleggio. BRIN D'AMOUR is a wee natural-rind puck with a mild, buttery paste, shot through with lots of herbs. JOHNNY'S TRUCKLE boasts a crumbly texture and strong clothbound-style cheddar flavor. Stop by our cheese counter for a taste today! And please  welcome delicious, healthy snacks from Fair Food member business Good Enough For Kids! GEFK's Jan Cho was inspired to start her own line of products like crackers and granola bars - made with organic and local ingredients like maple syrup, honey, and spelt flour - when she found that supermarket snacks that looked healthy really weren't. Her RIGHTEOUS RAISIN GRANOLA BARS, FOUR SEED COOKIES, WHOLE GRAIN GRAHAM CRACKERS, and FUDGY DATE CHOOS feature sustainably sourced ingredients and homemade flavor that kids and adults will love. The next time you need a quick snack and want to keep it healthy, sustainable, and local, reach for these GEFK treats.