New Fair Food Faces

Meet Fair Food's new Director of Outreach & Communication,Kim Paschen!

I moved to Philadelphia back in 1999, when Fair Food was little more than a bright idea. I distinctly recall one of my first experiences in the city was visiting Reading Terminal Market. I was completely wowed by the vast array of merchants and deliciousness under one roof. Fast-forward a few years to wheKim Paschenn I stumbled upon the first rendition of the Farmstand, a humble folding table brimming with locally grown fruits and vegetables. I was intrigued to see such a variety of colorful produce being cultivated so close to the city. And everything looked so fresh!

As the Farmstand moved to its second space, I was excited to see the addition of local dairy products and eggs. The salted butter from Trickling Springs Creamery was my guilty pleasure. If you've never tried it, you simply must. It takes the concept of butter to a whole new level. I remember feeling quite optimistic about Fair Food's expansion, thinking, "Cool...this local food movement must be taking off if they are expanding!"

And then, seemingly overnight, the Farmstand picked up and moved to its current spot, having totally outgrown the previous one. When I saw the refrigerated dairy case stocked from end to end with huge slabs of cheese, it was love at first site. I took home $20 worth of the stuff whose tastes and textures rivaled those of world-class cheese makers...except these were produced within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia.

Just this month, I was delighted to go from avid Farmstand customer to Fair Food employee when I was hired as the new Director of Outreach and Communications. In addition to enjoying the superior quality and taste of local products, I am passionate about supporting regional farmers who are doing good by the land and animals they cultivate as well as the restaurants and institutions which source their ingredients conscientiously. I look forward to using my experience in marketing and communications to help facilitate connections between these entities as well as spread awareness about the local food movement to the public. And of course, I am excited to be a part of the continued growth of the Farmstand, where this journey of the local food movement began for me over a decade ago.