Fresh & New, September 12-18, 2013

by Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

In the seasonal Venn diagram, we are briefly nestled in the summer-fall overlap, and that means we've got a ton (well, several hundred pounds) of new goodies! Everyone's busy this time of year with things like Fringe Arts' FEASTIVAL (we'll be at the Reading Terminal table tonight!) and next week's first Oysterfest and our monthly Local Beer/Local Cheese Tasting next Thursday, featuring Keswick Creamery's BLUE SUEDE MOO and TALLEGINATOR paired with beers from Round Guys Brewing Co. I'll keep it brief with some highlights of this week's brand-new best of the Farmstand!

FRUITS: The apple train has been building up speed for about a month, and this week it's bringing us IPM SMOKEHOUSE APPLES. They're my fave apple, with a sweet-tart flavor, ultra-crunchy texture, and unparalleled juiciness. Our Programs Coordinator, Annemarie, asked me today  how long ORGANIC KIWIBERRIES (her favorite!) will be around; based on last year, I'm thinking early November. These little green ovals feature a fuzz-free, edible skin and center that tastes and looks just like a tree kiwi.



IPM CANTALOUPES are back for a short reprise, so get whole or halves (we'll cut them for you, just ask!) now. And for the first time this season, ORGANIC GRAPES - specifically, AGAWAM PINK and NIAGARA GREEN - are in! We hope to see CONCORDS next week, so watch this space. In the meantime, grab a quart of one of these delicious, hard-to-find varieties and get seed-spitting.

VEGGIES: We had a lot of peppers last week, and since then, we've added two new varieties: PURPLE CAYENNE (a small, purple-green, thin-skinned hottie), SCOTCH BONNET, JALAPENO (all certified organic!), and CHERRY BOMB, plus ORANGE and YELLOW BELLS. ORGANIC CARDOONS are in the house - their stalks look like celery, taste like artichokes (to which they're related) and they steam, boil, or fry up like  champs. ORGANIC INDIGO ROSE TOMATOES are enchanting customers at the Farmstand already, so hurry in for yours while you can!



Also in Tomatotown: ORGANIC MIXED HEIRLOOMS from Taproot Farm and Muth Family Farm and ORGANIC SAN MARZANO TOMATOES from Wholesome Living Acres (amazing for sauce!). Finally, RADISHES are back, in PURPLE AMETHYST, FRENCH BREAKFAST, and PINK BEAUTY.

OTHER STUFF: Cranberry Creek's pyramids of soft-ripened goat cheese continue to amaze, and Pipe Dreams Fromage's ASH LOG goes well with literally anything. Philadelphia Bee's WEST PHILLY HONEY is our featured urban honey this season - give it a try and give those allergies a rest. And Little Baby's Ice Cream brings us three new flavors this week: GRAPE GRAPE NUTS, PEACH GRANOLA, and PLUM RUM RAISIN! Summer might be on its way out, but ice cream season never ends.

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