Fresh & New! August 22, 2013

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager

I'm not sure what to call the season we're in right now. Today Philadelphia is steaming, but last weekend's weather was suspiciously temperate. Back in early August, when the Fair Food crew visited Taproot Farm as part of our annual all-staff tour, farmer George Brittenburg was among the first to call out the non-summer weather:

"I don't know if you've noticed, but these are fall temperatures we're having," George told us as we peeked into high tunnels and surveyed his five acres of warm and cool-weather crops. Taproot is still harvesting chemical-free goodies like super-sweet SUNGOLD TOMATOES, but the new crops rolling out from our region's farms each week are cool-weather varieties. For a small farm like Taproot, that might mean that their peppers and okra never really come in. But they're Purple Kohlrabi prepared to transition us into autumn with items like PURPLE KOHLRABI, GREEN and LACINATO KALE, and gorgeous bunches of LEEKS. And we're stocking them alongside summer crops like SWEET CORN and GREEN OKRA from our other farms - this is always an exciting time to cook seasonally.

We've still got lots of STONE FRUIT from Beechwood Orchards, with new additions of BURBANK PLUMS, a late-  summer variety, and SIMKA PLUMS, heart-shaped and yellBeechwood's Simka Plumsow-fleshed with a reddish-purple skin, along with WHITE and YELLOW PEACHES and more DONUT PEACHES on Friday. And FIG season has started! Plowshare Farms has fat, green-yellow LSU GOLD FIGS by the half-dozen available this week. And we've checked in with our favorite fig supplier, South Philadelphia's Giovanni, but his are taking their sweet time. We'll let you know as soon as he brings some by.

From Tuscarora Organic Growers: CELERIAC bunches with their tops - itCeleriac's one of the freshest-tasting root veggies around and can be  hard to find throughout the fall, so get it while you can: Listen to Martha and get your slaw on.

Other exciting stuff coming in this week: Pickler Rob at EPIC Pickles has a new order for us, so stock up on his flavor-packed preserved veggies while they're hot. Caputo Bros. Creamery brings us more of their sublime, truly authentic 95% WHEY RICOTTA on Thursday, and Cranberry Creek Farm will drop off pints of MAPLE DRINKING YOGURT and a few wheels LEISURETOWN (their buttery, nutty washed-rind goat cheese) this weekend. And in meat freezer news, we have our first non-cured Mangalitsa pork from Mosefund Farm (you can find their SCHULTERSPECK, GUANCIALE, and PANCETTA in our cheese case): Decadent BACON BURGERS, ground heritage breed pork with cured bacon ground into the mix. Get a head start on Labor Day fun and pick up a pack of patties for practice on the grill this weekend.

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