Member Profile: Down Dog Healing Café

Annemarie Vaeni, Fair Food Programs Coordinator


My Down Dog Cafe Logo sweetie & I have been making Fair Food Member Down Dog Healing Café (at 10th & Carpenter) a regular stop this summer - Tuesday night we sat outside and listened to the live music across the street at Bardascino Park over an almond date smoothie (my new favorite thing), orange sea salt tonic and gluten-free carrot cake. That's right-gluten free! The carrot cake came from aroundDown Dog eats & drinks the corner in the Italian Market's gf bakery, Taffets. And I still haven't tried the "Little Devi's" vegan & gluten free cookie. Seriously, I am a little obsessed with this place!


I first stumbled into Down Dog a few months ago in an allergic haze on a particularly pollinated day and have been hooked since. Down Dog's owner, Kei set me up with a spoonful of a potent concoction to soothe my allergic head - I don't remember everything that was in it (turmeric, honey & cloves were involved), but it quickly helped me feel human again and free to explore the café's many other offerings. Down Dog takes its inspiration from Ayurveda and the space and the menu are all about the right thingDown Dog Teas: organic, local, community, and fair trade.


The menu's emphasis on creating balance is a refreshing change from the caffeinated sugar-high you usually find in a café (don't get me wrong - Down Dog has awesome coffee from One Village and tasty treats too but those aren't your only options here). Between the coffee and the food, the Rejuvenating Tonics and the locally blended Ayurvedic teas you are bound to find what your body needs.