Fresh & New! August 1-6, 2013

There's lots of new local goodness to report this week, both from Mama Nature's bounty and the hardworking artisans in Philadelphia's bustling food scene. Keep these items in mind while you're planning your next BBQ, picnic, hike, shore trip, or relaxing dinner at home.Lima BeansGlobe Artichokes

From our chemical-free Amish friends at Lancaster Farm Fresh, we have several firsts of the season. If you've been pining for succotash all summer, get excited for ORGANIC LIMA BEANS! And if you're bummed that you've got to buy California artichokes, know that they grow here in Pennsylvania, too - we're stocking medium-sized ORGANIC GLOBE ARTICHOKES from just an hour and a half away.

LFF also brings us ORGANIC SWEET SUMMERLONG BASIL, fragrant and flavorful - this basil pairs perfectly with Plowshare Farms' hefty HEIRLOOM TOMATOES, grown just about 11 miles from the Farmstand in Westville, NJ, or Taproot Farm's RED SALADETTE TOMATOES, pints of mini-romas that pack lots of flavor. And we've got LFF's super-cute BABY INDIAN EGGPLANT and BABY WHITE EGGPLANT from Plowshare to charm your fellow diners - great for pickling, skewering, and roasting to highlight their petite size.

Beechwood Orchards is back for stone fruit season with a full line of peaches, plums, and other delights. Yellow SHIRO PLUMS and big, purple SANTA ROSDonut PeachesA PLUMS are new this week, as are YELLOW DONUT PEACHES and YELLOW NECTARINES alongside their sweeter, milder-flavored white-fleshed counterparts. Also in fruit news, GROUND CHERRIES are back! This sweet, snackable berry is a relative of the tomatillo and similarly hides behind a paper lantern husk-check it out for a taste of its rich flavor with notes of butterscotch and pineapple. And we've got "apartment sized" MELONS that perTigger Melonfect for commuters - these CANTALOUPES and petite YELLOW WATERMELONS fit easily into a tote bag and won't break your back, while stripey little heirloom TIGGER MELONS have a mild flavor, white flesh, and an average size of 1.25 lbs.

Three delicious prepared additions to the Farmstand's shelves arrive this week: First, Fair Food members Weckerly's Ice Cream use local produce (sourced through Fair Food!) and Seven Stars cream in their dairy-free sorbets and dairy-full ice creams. Weckerly's will be in the house on Thursday, Aug. 1 from 11am-1pm to sample their sorbets, which you can now find in BLUEBERRY, RASPBERRY, STRAWBERRY-BASIL, and CHOCOLATE in our freezer. And 1732 Meats, Lansdowne-based curers of exceptional heritage breed BACON and PANCETTA, bring us our first delivery today! Look for their bacon in our freezer in thick-cut, deeply flavored BLACK PEPPERCORN, JALAPENO, GARLIC INSANITY, SPANISH SMOKED PAPRIKA, and PANCETTA.

Last but by no means least, Nifty Sauces and Spreads (that's Kennett Restaurant's chef Brian Ricci) replenishes our SPICY GINGER KETCHUP supply and brings a new seasonal favorite: EVOO WHIPPED CREAM, using organic cream from Seven Stars Farm with just a touch of olive oil and salt. Serve it dolloped on HEIRLOOM TOMATOES in your favorite preparation - and you thought tomato season couldn't get any better.


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