Fresh & New! July 24-30, 2013

Alex Jones, Farmstand Product Manager Stone fruit has landed! While peaches have been trickling in since early July, the full roster of peaches, plums, and nectarines just became available this week. Three Springs Fruit Farm brings us their first early PEACHES - semi-clingstone varieties. We’ll get big, juicy Sentry or deep red, sweet-tart Rising Star as we goodbye to their 2012 apple harvest. And we’re getting Beechwood Orchards’ WHITE PEACHES (the angelic, pink-hued, supersweet sister to the bApricotsrazen, golden-fleshed yellow peach) and DONUT PEACHES (featuring a deep but gentle sweetness and fun, easy-to-eat shape). Plus, Ridgeview  Orchard sends us the most perfect, rosy little apricots we’ve ever seen (or tasted). They’re about 24 hours at room temp away from peak ripeness. We have a lot, so don’t be shy to email me about bulk orders at a discounted rate! Try freezing, drying, or preserving some whole to tide you over for the winter (or try my favorite way - fruit butter!).

Beechwood always grows a stellar array of plums, and in their first delivery of the year, we’ll receive FORMOSAS (large, reddish-purple, and juicy); METHLEYS (a clingstone variety with red flesh - cut down to the pits, macerate in sugar overnight, and the flesh will slip right off); and succulent EARLY GOLDEN PLUMS, which are freestone for easier jamming. I dirtied a few shirts this weekend slurping down stone fruit because it was so perfectly sweet, juicy, and delicious. Wear those juice stains with pride!

In otherBlueberry Hand Pies fruit news, BLUEBERRIES are still going strong - but for how much longer? The rain has been keeping pickers out of the fields, but we hope to get a delivery of legendary no-spray blues from Paradise Hill Farm this weekend! Check out our Facebook page for updates. And we’ll still have pints from Blueberry Bill and Little Buck Organics  - grab a few and make these quick, delicious hand pies, great for breakfast or dessert. You’ll want to double the recipe - if I’d just made one batch, they’d all be gone by now.

And at long last, MELONS are in the house. While this wet weather has benefited some crops, some of our summer favorites have suffered - many of our farmers have had their fruit rot in the field from too much moisture. But Cassaday Farm has petite YELLOW Crystal Apple CucumberWATERMELONS (some of the sweetest and prettiest) and CANTALOUPES. Pick one up and try this confetti-like, sweet-tart salsa.

Fruit has a way of stealing the spotlight from its savory veggie cousins, but our display bins are heaping with tender EGGPLANT, crisp GREEN BELL PEPPERS, festive RAINBOW CARROTS, and lots of other goodies. New this week are CRYSTAL APPLE CUCUMBERS (a round, pale-green cuke that resembles a granny smith) and BABY INDIAN EGGPLANTS for all your cute li’l eggplant needs. BUT THERE’S MORE: We have some sales going on this week! Bi-color and white SWEET CORN from Sunny Harvest is 3 ears/$1 through Friday, and their HEIRLOOM TOMATOES are an amazing $4/lb through Sunday - that’s $2.00 off the regular price! A perfect time to make heirloom tomato ketchup. And now that ‘maters are in season, Lancaster Farm Fresh’s slicing tomatoes are at a lower price, too - just $2/lb for the prettiest, juiciest red slicers this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes, the best Jersey tomatoes come from Pennsylvania.

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