Farmstand Product List August 22-28, 2012

Two weeks ago I said we were in the thick of the summer now here I am feeling like we’re quickly heading into fall! This week will bring the last of our PEACHES from Three Springs but we will be getting in plenty of apples in their place. So if you want to preserve those peaches, now is the time! From Beechwood Orchards we will have everyone’s favorite the HONEYCRISP, as well as RAMBO, GINGERGOLD and MCINTOSH, and PRUNE PLUMS. FIGS are in full swing with big beautiful wild Purple Figs from David Siller and pristine super sweet figs from Giovanni! As a special treat, we have cultivated PAW PAWS from Green Meadow and a super sweet and creamy MAGNESS PEAR as well as some equally sweet APHRODITE and HONEYDEW MELONS. The coming fall is most evident in our produce selection with the return of GREENS and LETTUCES—both coming from Landisdale this week. Green Meadows will be providing us with some SAN MARZANO PLUM TOMATOES, LACINATO KALE, and LIMA BEANS. And we have all your possible PEPPER needs covered: beautiful fryers and hot cherry peppers from Blooming Glen, not to mention purple, orange, red, green, yellow bell peppers! We will have a small supply of SHISHITO PEPPERS from Blue Moon, POBLANO PEPPERS from Terhune Orchards and the hottest of hots, the GHOST PEPPER from Oak Grove Farm.

And did I mention we have 2 WHOLE LAMBS coming in this week? Start getting your grills ready! We might—I can’t promise anything yet—also have a few RABBITS coming in from Brooke Lee. I enjoyed a delicious one last week, so feel free to inquire! In the “whey” of cheese, we have the OLD MAN HIGHLANDER and LEVON from Calkins Creamery as well as a delicate bloomy rind from Cherry Grove named LAYLA!



FRUIT, VEGETABLES & HERBS For all special orders and other inquiries, please contact Craig Melillo, Farmstand Product Manager

BEECHWOOD ORCHARDS, Biglerville, PA - Thursday Peaches (Yellow and White) Nectarines (Yellow and White) Prune Plums Rambo Apples Gingergold Apples Mcintosh Apples Honeycrisp Apples Squash (Mixed) Grapes

BLUE MOON ACRES, Buckingham, PA – Tuesday & Friday Microgreen Sampler (rotating selection) Spring Mix (5 oz) Pea Leaves (2 oz & 6 oz) Micro Herbs Red Beets Green Beans Small Red Bell Peppers

COMMON MARKET, Philadelphia, PA – Tuesday & Friday White Sweet Corn (AT Buzby Farm) Red Raspberries (Valley Road) Butterhead (Gehman Family) Eggplant (AT Buzby) Red Seedless Watermelon (AT Buzby) Donut Peaches (Fifer Orchards) Red Fryer Peppers (AT Buzby)

DAVID SILLER'S WILD EDIBLES,  Westville, NJ - Deliveries vary. Limited supplies. Heirloom Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Wild Figs New Zealand Spinach

GREEN MEADOW FARM, Gap PA – Thursday Magness Pears Rainbow Salad Tomatoes San Marzano Plum Tomatoes Lacianato Kale Fingerling Potatoes Paw Paws Lima Beans

LANCASTER FARM FRESH COOP, Quarryville, PA – Tuesday & Friday Organic New Red Potatoes Organic Purple Viking Potatoes Organic Ghost Peppers Organic Jalapeño Peppers Organic Cubanelle Peppers Organic Purple Cayenne Peppers Organic Green Tomatoes Organic Sweet Yellow Onions Organic Red Onions Organic Green Romaine Organic Edamame (fresh soy beans) Organic Horseradish Root

LANDISDALE FARM, Jonestown, PA – Wednesday Organic German Hardneck Garlic Organic Spinach Organic Gold Squash Organic Green Raven Zucchini Organic Romaine Lettuce Organic Swiss Chard

MOTHER EARTH MUSHROOMS, West Grove, PA Organic Cremini Mushrooms Organic Portobello Mushrooms Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

OVERBROOK HERB FARM, Lansdale, PA – Thursday Fresh Bay Leaves Rosemary Verbena Chives Thyme Marjoram Edible flowers Peppermint Apple and Cherry wood for grilling and smoking Duganeski garlic Celeste Figs Purple Basil Green Basil Shallots Lemongrass

PARADISE ORGANICS, Paradise, PA- Friday Organic Green Cabbage Organic Red Cabbage Organic Rainbow Chard Organic Collard Greend Organic Dandelion Greens Organic Green Kale Organic Mint Organic Oregano Organic Red Potatoes Organic Red Bell Peppers Organic Green Bell Peppers Organic Orange Bell Peppers

TAP ROOT FARM, Shoemakersville, PA– Tuesday Organic (not certified) Heirloom Tomatoes Organic (not certified) Ping Pong Tomato Pints Organic (not certified) Red Slicer Tomatoes Organic (not certified) Ground Cherries Organic (not certified) Basil Organic (not certified) Parsley Organic (not certified) Hakurei Turnips

THREE SPRINGS FRUIT FARM, Aspers, PA- Wednesday Yellow Peaches Fairytale Eggplant Italian Eggplants


ZONE 7, Lawrenceville, NJ – Wednesday Red Hot Cherry Peppers (Blooming Glen Farm) Mixed Color Frying Peppers (Blooming Glen Farm) Sweet Yellow Onions (Blooming Glen Farm) Rainbow cherry tomatoes (Blooming Glen) Blackberries (Phillips) Slicing Cucumbers (Jeffs Organic) Pickling Curby Cucumbers (Jeffs Organic) Tomatillo (Oak Grove Farm) Red Seedless Watermelon (Traugers Farm) Sweet Basil (Phillips Farm) Arugula (Marolda Farms) Poblano Peppers (Terhune Orchards) Raspberries (Phillips Farm) MEATS For all special orders and other inquiries, please contact Craig Melillo, Farmstand Product Manager

BIRCH RUN HILLS FARM, Chester Springs, PA. Veal Cubes Italian Veal Sausage Veal Bockwurst

BUCK RUN FARM, East Fallowfield, Chester County, PA Buck run bulls are never fed grain and exist entirely on pasture. Bully Beef – Angusburger made from older bulls, has a strong beefy taste. The Bully Beef is premium chopped sirloin and can be used for burgers, meat loaf, chili, or in any recipe where ground meat is appropriate.

CL BISON FARM, Lancaster, PA Free range, grass fed bison from Lancaster Co. Bison Hot Dogs (Nitrate free)

CLOVER CREEK FARM, Blair Co., PA Heritage Breed Milking Shorthorn Veal raised on sunshine, pasture and whey! Round Steak Cutlets – Time to get pounding for snitzel and scallopine! Chops Cubes Liver Shanks – Now everyone repeat after me: Osso Bucco. Yum. Burger Blend Brisket Chuck Roasts (excellent and oh so easy family meal cut)

COUNTRY TIME FARM, Hamburg, PA Paul and Ember Criverallo raise heritage breed Large Black and Old Spotted hogs humanely in the hills of Berks County. Other cuts available by request. Bacon – No Nitrates! Pork Chops Pork Tenderloin Pork Boston Butt Roast Scrapple Pork Belly

GREEN MEADOW FARM, Gap, PA - Thursday Family farm and local small farm distributor. Sweet Beef Bologna – Grass-fed, All-Natural Double-Smoked Country Bacon Canadian Bacon - Cured and double smoked pork loin, ready to eat

GRIGGSTOWN QUAIL FARM, Princeton, NJ Chicken Pies - Small & Large Chicken Sausage - Granny Smith, Broccoli Rabe, Feta & Spinach, White Wine & Garlic Turkey Pies -Small Whole Chickens Pheasants Duck Breasts

JAMISON FARM, Latrobe, PA Dorset breed sheep raised humanely by John and Sukey Jamison Merguez Sausage Lamb Pies

LANDISDALE FARM, Jonestown, PA Grass-fed heritage breed meat from Devon and Scottish Highland crosses Beef Jerky Stew Meat

MEADOW RUN FARM, Lititz, PA Diversified family farm focusing on grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured poultry, and heritage-breed Berkshire pigs. Whole Chickens Chicken Breasts, Bone-in Whole Chicken Legs Chicken Wings

RENAISSANCE SAUSAGE, Philadelphia, PA Handmade right here in Philly, these sausages are made with pasture-raised meat and locally grown veggies in season from some of our favorite farms! Vegetarian Sausage

SHADY ACRES FARM, Elizabethtown, PA

SOUTHWARK & COUNTRY TIME FARM CURED MEATS, Philly & Berks County Our friend Nick Macri has partnered with Country Time to produce some amazing cured meats that we now sell. All out for now, Pancetta and special cured ham aging currently.

STRYKER FARM, Saylorsburg, PA Pastured goats and Tamworth hogs.   Irish Bangers Assorted cuts from whole young goat.

SWEET STEM FARM, Lititz, PA Beef, Pork and LAMB from Heritage breed animals raised on pasture. Ground Beef Marrow Bones Filet Mignon Ranch Steak Beauty (chuck eye) Steaks Stew Cubes Ground Pork Kielbasa Sausage Barese (beef and pork) Sausage Cheddar n Beer Brats Italian Pork Sausage with Rosemary Clun Forest Heritage lamb Lamb legs boned and rolled Shoulder portions Stew Meat Ground Chops Rib Racks Bones Lamb Suet Shanks

EGGS, CHEESE & DAIRY For all special orders and other inquiries, please contact Craig Melillo, Farmstand Product Manager

All cheeses are raw unless under aged 60 days or otherwise noted.

BIRCH RUN HILLS FARM, Chester Springs, PA. Birchrun Blue  raw Holstein milk, aged 70+ days Fat Cat – raw Holstein milk, super creamy! Red Cat – raw Holstein milk, washed rind and a bit stinky.  CALKINS CREAMERY, Honesdale, PA Pocono family farm that makes a wide variety of tasty raw milk cheeses from their herd of grass-fed Holstein cows. Noble Road - Holy cow, Calkins may be the only domestic producer of raw milk brie! 
Funky, fungal and oh so creamy! Smokey Moo Mozz & regular Mozzarella - Nice grated & tossed about in an Asian pear salad. Old Man Highlander Levon – soft ripened pasteurized cows milk cheese steeped in orange coriander and washed with Farmers Cabinet Ale

CAPUTO BROTHERS CREAMERY, Spring Grove, PA Makers of hand-crafted, traditional Italian cheeses and cultured milk products. Cagliata Curds – Frozen and perfect for making your own homemade traditional Mozzarella, stracciatella and burrata. Whey Ricotta – Traditional 100% whey ricotta. Ultra fresh and creamy perfect for ravioli, lasagna or just eating by the spoonful!

CHERRY GROVE FARM, Lawrenceville, NJ Toma – raw milk tome, creamy with briney overtones of olive Havilah – A hard aged northern Italian style cheese made all their own by cheesemaker Sam Kennedy. Aged about 11 months. Excellent, lots of complexity and long lasting – reaching towards many comte qualities Layla - small bloomy rind cheese that is lactic and creamy like a young aged goat cheese would be it transforms into a more balanced salty sharper cheese from 5 weeks till 12 weeks old.

CLOVER CREEK FARM, Blair County, PA Tussey Mountain Mature Cheddar – raw milk from Heritage breed cows. Made specially for Fair Food! Galen’s Good Old Smoked Galen’s Good Old

DOE RUN DAIRY , Coatesville, PA St. Malachis Seven Sisters

ELY FARM, Newtown PA Washington Crossing – Washington Crossing is a raw cow’s milk cheese aged for a least 8 years. It is the closest thing we have found to a Parmigiano (the king of cheeses). It was an award winning cheese at the 2012 ACS cheese competition.

HIDDEN HILLS CHEESES, Everett, PA Raw milk cheeses crafted by hand in the rolling hills o’ Bedford County. Feta - Classic feta packed in brine. Tangy wallop of flavor that crumbles with ease. Old Gold – Aged min one year. Hard with flavors of browned butter, coffee and toffee. Buttercup – a great warm weather melter! Great for burgers & potatoes – mild and buttery

KESWICK CREAMERY, Newburg, PA Raw milk cheeses from grassfed Jersey cows, hand made using traditional methods. Lesher – a rich and deep British-style cheese with wax rind. Tommes – washed in a variety of wonderful things like beer, wine or cider! We’ve got an awesome one washed in wine must right now. Tastes of caramel and clove, yum. Blue Suede Moo – creamy and nutty with crumbly rind. Lovely depth of flavor that owes to fine quality milk and a unique recipe that traces to the Scottish Highlands

KINGFISHER DAIRY, Elizabethtown, PA 
- Tuesday evening Raw dairy products from the milk of 20 Jersey breed cows Raw Whole Milk

LANCASTER FARM FRESH, Quarryville, PA – Tuesday & Friday Certified Organic Raw Milk – (Dutch Meadows) - in glass 1/2 gallons; from grass-fed Dutch Belted heritage breed cows ½ gallons Pasteurized Milk (Maplehof Dairy) Skim Milk Pasteurized Quarts (Maplehof Dairy) Cream line Whole Milk Pasteurized Quarts (Maplehof) Chocolate Milk
 (Maplehofe Dairy) Buttermilk
 (Maplehofe Dairy) Toy Cow Farm Jersey Milk Smoothies – a variety of flavors

LINDEN DALE FARM, Ronks PA The Mellinger’s have been continuously farming on their land since 1850! They’ve learned the goat cheese tricks of the Pyrenees and got schooled in cheese chemistry in Vermont. This expertise shows from the quality of their cheeses.

 Pasture Raised Pasture Raised Brown Eggs, heritage breed Pasture Raised Blue Eggs – limited

MISTY CREEK DAIRY, Lancaster Co, PA Misty Lovely raw goat’s milk cheese! Flaky, salty-sharp and perfection shaved in an arugula salad. Kidchego – a raw, well-aged goat cheese. Woodsy, white pepper and herbaceous flavors. Midnight Dream – a raw goat tome aged 3-4 months. Washed in a blend of herbaceous tea and sweet wine! Tomme De Connestoga – Raw goat, aged 6 months, Italian “Incanestro” style cheese. Hard, salty and delicious!

NATURAL BY NATURE, West Grove, PA- Friday Organic Half-and-Half Organic Cream Pints

NITTANY VALLEY ORGANICS, State College, PA Amish crafted by Mark Stoltzfus and family. His raw milk cheeses use Celtic Sea Salt, renowned for it’s nutrient pack properties.

PEQUEA VALLEY DAIRY, Ronks, PA – Monday Made with milk from grass-fed Jersey cows Yogurt - plain and flavored, in plastic quarts and 6 oz cups

SEVEN STARS FARM, Phoenixville, PA Made with Certified Organic and biodynamic milk from grass-fed Jersey cows Maple Yogurt Lowfat Maple Yogurt Heavy Creamseriously good stuff for crème fraiche, sauces, fudge and ice cream makers!

SHELLBARK HOLLOW FARM, West Chester, PA - Thursday Straight from a Chester County farmstead in the middle of a suburban cul-de-sac. Sharp Chevre – the sharp provolone of goat cheeses Fresh Chevre – light and floral classic chevre Goat Yogurt Goat Kefir Goat Milk in half gallon, quarts and pints

TRICKLING SPRINGS CREAMERY, Chambersburg, PA - Thursday Butter – UNSALTED & SALTED - made with milk from Jersey cows raised on pasture year-round

WAKEFIELD DAIRY, Lancaster, PA Bouche- Certified Organic raw cow’s milk cave-aged, Cheddar-style cheese. Try melting the rind on toast! PA Noble – The older cousin to Bouche. Intense and earthy with a tart finish on the rind.

WHOLESOME DAIRY FARMS, Yellow House, PA Pasteurized and Raw Milk products from Heritage Breed Ayshire Milk Raw Milk – plastic gallons Kefir – A mild Kefir Plain Yogurt – straight up loose textured traditional yogurt in a glass jar Greek Style Yogurt, Plain and Honey

YELLOW SPRINGS FARM, Chester Springs, PA Exquisite farmstead goat cheeses made by Al & Catherine Rienzi. All their pretty rinds are designed to be eaten – I like their style! Spring Fever Pepito PREPARED FOODS, BAKED GOODS & OTHER From small local farms and food companies using local and/or organic ingredients.

For all special orders and other inquiries, please contact Craig Melillo, Farmstand Product Manager

BEECHWOOD ORCHARDS, Biglerville, PA Honeycrisp Apple Sauce – sweetened and unsweetened Canned Peaches – no syrup, lite syrup and heavy syrup Apple Butter – sugar & space, no spice

BETTER TOGETHER (BT) BROWNIES, Philadelphia, PA Decadent treats made with local cream and butter from grass-fed cows, pastured eggs, organic flour and evaporated cane juice, and fair-trade chocolate. Chocolate Brownies Peanut Butter Brownies Salted Caramel Brownies

CAPOGIRO GELATO, Philadelphia, PA Makers of fine artisan gelato and sorbetto. Blueberry & Bluecoat Gin Sorbetto Rosemary Basil Wholesome Dairy Yogurt

CASTLE VALLEY MILLS, Bucks Co, PA Locally Grown and milled grains. Grits Fine Cornmeal Rye Flour

CAYUGA PURE ORGANICS, Brooktondale, NY Certified Organic Grains, Beans and Polenta from near Ithaca, NY Kidney Beans Turtle Beans Pinto Beans Polenta - from Heirloom corn Spelt Berries - cook like wheat berries!

COMMON MARKET, Philadelphia, PA Canned Crushed Tomatoes – 100% Jersey Grown! Peache Cider (Circl M Farms)

DAISY ORGANIC FLOURS, McGeary Organics, Lancaster, PA Organic All Purpose Flour, white Organic All Purpose Flour, whole wheat Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour Organic White Pastry Flour Organic White Spelt Flour Organic Whole Wheat Spelt Flour

FRESH TOFU, Allentown, PA Use certified organic soybeans from NY state to make their products. Organic Extra Firm Tofu Organic Baked Tofu

GOOD SPOON SOUPS, Philadelphia, PA Chorizo, Farro with Chickpeas and Kale Grass-fed Beef Chili Red Lentil Curry (Vegan) Senagalese Chicken Peanut Sweet Corn and Poblano Bisque HALDEMAN MILLS, Manheim, PA

MAINE SEA SALT, Marshfield, Maine Hickory Smoked Sea Salt – smoked over a wood fire, great on cucumber salads! Dulse Sea Weed Sea Salt – sea salt with sea weed, feel those nutrients. Apple Smoked Sea Salt – smoked over a wood fire, sold in grinder! Sea Salt – 1 lb & 8 oz bags

MARKET DAY, Philadelphia, PA - Wednesday & Friday Caramels – Walnut Crème, Fleur de Sel, Orange Canele – small and large!

MISTY CREEK GOAT DAIRY, Leola, PA Goats milk soaps – variety of scents!

OAK GROVE MILLS, Pittstown, NJ Organic grains produced and milled on the Blew Family Farm – a historic farm that was also the first in New Jersey to enter their land into Farmland Preservation Program! White Popcorn Wheat Berries – the whole wheat kernel - cook and toss with salads, into soups, or bake into homemade bread!

PATTERSON FARMS, Sabinsville, PA Maple Sugar Grade A Maple Syrup, Amber & Dark Grade B Maple Syrup

SLOW RISE BAKERY, Lancaster, PA Organic Oat Bread 7 Grain Bread Organic Sprouted Wheat Lavosh Four Seed Cookies

TAIT FARM FOODS, Centre Hall, PA Apple Pepper Jelly: Our favorite lunch: toasted on a baguette with smoked turkey and Buttercup Brie! Blueberry Jam - Whole blueberries just hanging out in a jar, Paul’s favorite gift item. Raspberry Jam - Thick, tart and lip-smacking good. Sour Cherry Jam – Particularly good on a cheeseplate with Lindendale Farm’s Laughing Lindy or Shellbark Sharp Chevre. Strawberry Jam Celebration Chutney – Try it with our hard aged cheeses. Rhubarb Chutney- great with our Clover Creek mature cheddar!

THREE SPRINGS FRUIT FARM, Aspers, PA Canned Local Peaches - lightly sweetened & unsweetened Apple Butter – No sugar & “Sugar and Spice” Peach Butter – No sugar & “Sugar and Spice”