Honey Producers Working Group

WHERE:University of Delaware Department of Entomology& Wildlife Ecology 
Townsend Hall Room 132
Newark, DE 19716

WHEN: First Meeting August 20, 2012 from 8:30-12:30

WHY: The Honey Producers Working Group is a fundamental part of a grant from the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education recently received by Dr. Debbie Delaney and Dr. Kent Messer at the University of Delaware.  The aim of the grant is to help beekeepers decide on how best to manage their marketing efforts and to set their honey prices to improve their economic viability.  To make this effort a success, we want to identify the issues related to marketing and labeling that are most important to regional beekeepers.  In addition to providing critical feedback for this new effort, members of the HPWG will gain an improved understanding of what drives regional demand for honey given different labeling on production methods, packaging, and niche marketing.  The benefits and risks associated with changes to honey marketing and labeling will also be discussed. At the first meeting on August 20th, we will demonstrate economic research methods that will help us to determine what drives consumer demand. We will also gather information from you as to what are the main challenges related to marketing and price that you face as honey producers in the Mid-Atlantic region. We will also set up a timeline for the reconvening of the HPWG to disseminate research findings and marketing and pricing tools for implementation.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Please email Maya Althouse (Dr. Delaney’s Extension Scholar) at mayaalt@udel.edu by July 20, 2012 to reserve your spot in the Honey Producers Working Group.  Feel free to also send her any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continuous support of honey bee extension work.  We hope to see you in August!