Foodie holiday gifts & partiy ideas!

In the spirit of celebration, here's a few knockout ideas from the dairy world for your foodie holiday gifts and holiday parties. 1) 19139 Urban Apiaries Honey and Yellow Springs Farm Nutcracker We're so psyched that multi-award winning farmstead goat cheesemakers Al and Catherine are working with us. Nutcracker is true to its name - Two independent tasters have said "it taste like Christmas," with notes of clove, toasted walnut and cinnamon. Try it kissed with a light touch of Urban Apiaries citrusy 19139 honey, due back on our shelves this Thursday.

2) Keswick Creamery Blue Suede Moo and Two Gander Buckwheat Honey Anoint a touch of this PA countrified raw milk Stilton with a touch of Trey Fleming's dark magic and you've got a killer combo. If you usually shy away from strong blues, the Blue Suede Moo will surprise you. The sweet honey mellows out the salt-of-the-earth, brusque blue character and makes a dessert right there on your palette

3) Lindendale Laughing Lindy and Tait Farms Sour Cherry Jam The Mellingers have been continously farming since 1792 and have learned all the goat cheese tricks of the Pyrenees. Their expertise shows from the first moment you taste their cheeses. Laughing Lindy is a thick and creamy, tart and puckery, unique round that sings with a smear of tart and sweet Tait Farms Sour Cherry Jam from Central PA.

4) Da Glae Lanchego and North Mountain Pastures Lomo The Lanchego is a dense, dry, and flavor-packed round from a new Amish sheep dairy out in Lancaster County. Aged 6 months and rubbed with olive oil as it ages, this cheese is nutty, clean and complex, reminiscent of its famous cousin from La Mancha. Try cutting small triangles and wrapping a little Lomo around them for the ultimate appetizer.

5) Yellow Springs Vanilla Goat Caramel and Beechwood Granny Apples Who can resist the call of Cajeta? Uncap, heat it up, and drizzle on apple slices. The perfect midnight snack for you or your Aunt Mabel after you gift it to her!