Top Five Bubbly Pairings!

1) Champagne and Noble RoadLush cheese meets luxury wine. The decadent cheese-as-ice-cream experience Noble Road provides is balanced out by the refreshing bubbles in sparkling wine. The truffle butter character in the cheese's creamy paste will play nicely with the champagne yeasts.This cheese can be messy at room temperature (as it should be served) but well worth the flavor.

2) Prosecco and Keswick Creamery Quark An unlikely pairing that works. The yogurt-esque probiotic tang of Quark brings out the melon and peach fruit found so often in Prosecco.  The carbonation carries the palate-coating quark away. Incidently, this all gets better with a smear of our Tait Farms Apple Pepper Jelly, which also makes a crowd pleasing appetizer.

3) Cava and Dwight Ely's Washington's Crossing Here the wine elevates the cheese, taming its muskiness and bringing forward flavors of toffee and butterscotch. Yum.

And lest we forget beer that pops...

4) St. Somewhere Saison and Shellbark Hollow Crottin A lovely and lively new craft brewery from Florida that melds beautifully with the floral and peppery qualities of Shellbarks goat cheese Crottin. These crottin are more like camemberts than traditional crottin, a delightful dessert perfect for a small group or two person toast.

5) Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza and Organic PA Noble Funk meets funk in this wildly pleasing combo. A strong deep mahogany Belgian ale with a wealth of wild yeast flavors and sour cherry, clove, and plum present. Very crisp and bubbly like champagne but with more depth than most champagne in my budget. PA Noble cuts through and complements all of this with its musky, cave-aged, raw milk savoury and caramel flavor.