It's never to late to give!

1) Patterson Maple SyrupNewsflash Vermont: you’re not the only one with a serious sugar addiction! Our maple syrup comes from a PA family farm that first tapped their trees over a century ago! Can't decide what to get someone – who doesn’t like real maple syrup?

2) Heirloom apples! Sound lame? Not when you consider that we carry around a dozen or so types of apples from Beechwood Orchards and Three Springs Fruit Farm. Take varieties that most haven’t heard of like York Imperial, Newtown Pippins, Cox’s Orange Pippin or Nittany and mix them with classics like Pink Lady or Grannies. Throw in a Quince, the fruit of love, while you’re at it. Tie a bow around it and now we’re talking fancy.

3) Trey Fleming's Zipcode Honey We’ve got Honey with Urban Terroir (like, for real)! For the gourmand or tea drinker in your family with Philly pride this would be an ideal gift. Tis a fact that honey has a unique flavor profile that depends upon the type of nectar gathered by the honeybee. In this case we’ve got West Philly, 19143 honey, South Philly, 19147 honey and North Philly, 19129 honey to showcase the natural flavors of our city.

4) Amazing Acres Sea Smoke & Organic Oak View Red Raspberry Jam Got a family of jaded foodies? They’ll still be impressed if you bring this combo. Sea Smoke is a Chester County goat cheese dramatically divided by vegetable ash. The tart acidity of Oak View’s minimal jam (3 ingredients: berries, agave, lemon) plays oh so well with the bright woodsy flavor of this goat cheese.

5) Meadow Run LARD That’s right, LARD. Tie a bow around it with a couple of recipes and this will change your dearest locavore’s life. Lard is the secret to the best pie crust, not to mention Jamaican patties or Cornish Pasties. Never had either one of the latter? It’s time you did, or encouraged a loved one to get in the kitchen and make them for you (who say’s a gift has to be selfless).

6) Keswick Quark and Tait Farms Apple Pepper Jam Hosting a shindig? These two on a platter together will make your life easier. Quark is the tangier, probiotic packed cousin of crème fraiche and it’s time you stopped being strangers if you haven’t met yet. Do it up like the cheesemakers do every week: smear a cracker or crusty bread with the cheese and put a dollop of the peppery jam on top. Bonus points for adding turkey & apple slices to that duo for a rockin’ midweek work lunch sandwich.

7) Jamison Lamb Pies What does your kitchen have in common with the likes of Thomas Keller or Alice Water’s? Sadly not much. But help is on the way if you gift her with some of the Jamison’s lamb pies. Outside of high falutin’ kitchens, Fair Food is the only local retail source for Jamison lamb. These pies are exceptional, and the perfect answer to a dark winter night.

8) Cask Strength Premium Bourbon with Birchrun Blue or PA Noble Need to fortify your gathering ? We’ve got you covered. First pick your favorite high proof bourbon. Then put out a hunk of our bold n’ tangy Birchrun blue or muskey cave aged PA Noble. The combination of these two big flavors will warm the winter soul and provide a real conversation starter.

9) Dried Apple Snitz Small and inexpensive- the perfect house-warmer! Nothing says the bounty of central PA like Snitz. These things are my go-to movie snack in lieu of chips and are also curiously good dipped in juice from a ham roast (a tip learnt via the Amish - and they know their Snitz).

10) A Fair Food Gift Certificate! Yeah, we totally have gift certificates – just ask one of our cashiers. Give the gift of local food. So easy, and so easy to appreciate.