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Fair Food Is Closing

Dear Fair Food Community,

We write with heavy hearts to announce that Fair Food has ceased operations and will be dissolving.  

After significant funding fell through in 2016, Fair Food found itself in a challenging financial position without a clear path forward.  Since Fair Food’s founding Executive Director resigned in early 2017, the sole focus of Fair Food’s volunteer Board of Directors has been to find a way to repay our farmstand vendors for the hardships that occurred in 2016.  As part of this effort one of our Board Members assumed the role of Interim Executive Director on a volunteer basis and led an effort to review Fair Food’s expenses, fundraising, events and operations to find a viable path forward that would allow us to repay our farmers and vendors.  Despite these efforts, we now have to face the difficult reality that there is not a tenable path forward.

So, as we wind down, we ask for your help one last time, to make a tax deductible donation before December 15, 2018 to help us repay our farmers and vendors so that they can continue growing their businesses and making our local food economy strong.  Fair Food no longer has any paid staff so your donations will go straight toward paying down Fair Food’s remaining liabilities. With your help, we can return more funds to our farmers and vendors.

Although this is sad news, there is much to be proud of.  The hard work done by everyone at Fair Food to forge connections between growers and buyers throughout our region is a big part of why we have a thriving local food economy.  The local food community is certainly bigger and better off than it was back in 2001 when Fair Food began, and with your continued support for our region’s farmers, artisans and producers, it can continue to flourish.

The Board of Directors

Donations can be made through the link below or mailed to:

Fair Food
1315 Walnut St. #320
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Donate to Help Our Farmstand Vendors